Is Roy Halladay finished?

Roy Halladay walks off the mound with his head down.
Is it time to exit, stage left, for Roy Halladay?

A sad reality emerged over the weekend when one of this generation’s best pitchers looked like he may have met his end. Roy Halladay was crushed by the Miami Marlins a week after the Cleveland Indians had done the same, and everything the Phillies hoped would not happen became a truth.

Coming off of a horrible season filled with injuries last season, the Phillies hoped Roy Halladay would rebound and lead what was once considered the best pitching staff in baseball back to the postseason.  Now, after just one month, it looks like Roy Halladay may be shut down once again, and his time with the Phillies may be over.

It was just a few seasons ago that Roy Halladay pitched a perfect game against these same Marlins. Of course, then they were called Florida instead of Miami, and Doc still threw with the velocity of the best pitcher in baseball. He painted the black with each and every pitch, and he seemed like an artist on the mound. On Sunday, it was the complete opposite, and the realization that Roy Halladay may never be the same was on the minds of every fan and the Phillies management.

His collapse on Sunday played out like a Shakespearean play. No, he was not overpowered by any perennial All-Stars, instead he gave up seven RBI to the number-eight hitter in a lineup many consider the worst in baseball.  It was sad to see but, in a way, what happened to Roy Halladay may be good for Philadelphia. Historically, the Phillies organization has not given young players chances to break in to the big leagues, but now they may be forced to do just that. Roy Halladay’s injury may be an opportunity for Phillies prospects such as Joe Savery and Adam Morgan.

Still, everyone will be asking, “Is this his final act?” Has our hero really been reduced to this? How can a pitcher who was the Cy Young winner less than three years ago fall off so fast? Was he overused? Did he rush back? Unfortunately, the answer comes down to one simple word: time. Father time catches up to everyone, from Steve Carlton to Michael Jordan. An athlete cannot compete at the highest level forever.

I’ve enjoyed the time Roy Halladay was with the Phillies and, deep down, I hope he is not done and will bounce back from this; realistically, I do not see the same pitcher out on the mound this season. The intensity that was a fixture of Roy Halladay’s success has subsided, and a look of uncertainty has now taken over. Doc is a true competitor who will try to make his way back, but I’m not sure things will ever be the same in Philly after Sunday.

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