MLB 2021 Draft: Top Junior College Pitching Prospects

1. Christian McGown (RHP) – Eastern Oklahoma State

Christian McGown

McGown has an aggressive and physical presence on the mound, he stands 6-foot-2 and weighs just a tad under 195 pounds. His release is quick and delivers the ball from a high, three-quarter slot position which allows him to challenge hitters with his very good three-pitch arsenal.

His breaking balls sneaks into the low-80s, and his changeup clocks in at 82-84 MPH. Both pitches are sneaky good, with the majority of his 58 strikeouts in the 2020 season coming on one of the two.

As of now, McGown is committed to Kansas State.

2. Josh Swales (RHP) – Southern Nevada

Josh Swales

Josh Swales is a victim of COVID-19 backlogging the vast majority of Division I rosters. He was originally going to the University of Arizona, but decided to go the junior college route – specifically Southern Nevada – after the NCAA extended eligibility because of COVID.

He stands 6-foot-2 and weighs 195 pounds and just looks like he belongs in professional baseball. He has a modern, sound delivery that provides little worry to most scouts. His fastball is likely to hit 100 MPH but has not yet. The speed will come as his body continues to mature. As of now, his fastball speed is roughly 96 MPH and, still, it looks like Swales is throwing an easy game of catch when he tosses it.

His curveball can get into the low 80s and has a top-to-bottom spinning motion that absolutely bites through the strike zone.

With what he currently offers off the mound, Swales is likely a first-day pick in the MLB draft.

3. Kris Bow (RHP) – Southern Nevada

Kris Bow

Kris Bow might have one of the impressive sliders in all of collegiate baseball, often hitting 83 MPH. Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 210 pounds, the Arizona recruit has a fastball that can hit 96 MPH and has a clocked rotation of 2,497 RPMs.

His fastball contains some serious swing-and-miss components. His delivery is extremely compact despite being a bit lose in the backend of it.

He is going to attract a ton of attention during the MLB draft.


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