MLB Major Transactions: What’s new with Harper and Machado?

MLB Major Transactions

As we push deeper into February, the MLB season inches ever closer.

It’s starting to get exciting. Well, even with a boring offseason, come this time of year the anticipation for the pending season is mounting.

Teams are jockeying to get their transactions lined up before the February 26th deadline. It will be interesting to see how the season-long betting odds shift at major MLB betting sites, Betonline and Bookmaker.

Major Transactions Thus Far

Hunter Pence

So, maybe Hunter Pence isn’t as relevant as he was a few years ago. But his move to the Rangers is a big deal to Texas and Pence. Not only was Hunter Pence raised in Arlington, but he played college ball at the University of Texas Arlington.

Hunter Pence has joined the Rangers on a minor league contract and has been invited to spring training. So, for the 36-year-old, the opportunity to finish out his illustrious career at home with the Rangers would be a fitting end.

Dodgers Deal

The Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, and Alex Wood deal with the Cincinnati Reds for Homer Baily and a couple of prospects (not even the Reds top prospects) is kind of a mind-boggler. It’s been a while since I have read Money Ball … but it there has to be something along those lines going on inside the minds of LA’s top brass.

J.T. Realmuto

Before Machado and Harper stole headlines, all eyes were on the Marlins’ catcher, Realmuto. The Phillies are the ones who were finally able to swing a deal with Sherman and Jeter. So, in 2019 we will see the young star with the Phils, while the Marlins pick up some slot money, a couple rubber-kicking prospects, and Jorge Alfaro.

Russell Martin

The Dodgers get a catcher who can produce over the plate as well as behind it from their deal with the Blue Jays. They give up Andrew Sopko and Ronny Brito, which seems fair.

Edwin Encarnacion

The Mariners pulled out a menage trois with the Rays and Indians to land another top hitter. With all of the moves that Seattle made last season and their late run, the Mariners could end up a powerhouse in the west in 2019.

Ivan Nova

The White Sox bolstered their pitching staff with the acquisition of the right-hander from Pittsburgh.  They lose a minor league pitching prospect, Yordi Rosario and pay out $500,000 to the Buccos in international spending. The deal is mutually beneficial as the Sox need help on the mound and the Buccos needed that 8.5 million in cap space.

Latest Trade Rumors on the Two Biggest Names

Bryce Harper

Harper recently rejected the Nationals 10-year, 300 million dollar offer. The San Francisco Giants seem to be the front-runners in the Battle for Bryce. They are looking to make a short-term, high-dollar deal to help bring the Giants back into contention. According to San Fan media outlets, the Meeting between Harper and Giants brass was supposed to be a two-hour affair and it went four. There is reportedly increased optimism by the Giants’ management that they can real in the 26-year-old superstar.

Manny Machado

Apparently, the Mets are out. But the Yankees are in on Machado. With a full infield, it was previously thought that the Bronx Bombers would stay away from the 26-year-old stud. But, Machado is still unsigned so that humungous price tag might not be quite so large after all. That said, it’s still more likely that Machado will go to South Chicago or over to the City of Brotherly Love.

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