NAIA Baseball Ranking With Regionals Projections

TTFB presents a new NAIA Baseball Rankings, one centered on a strength index of how a team has competed thus far to a point in a season. In a nutshell, a higher ranking team has fared well against current strong opponents while lower ranked (and some high ranked) teams lose points for “bad” losses.

You’ll notice a tie isn’t in any records below. We hate ties and we award no points for such a result. It’s basically a game that shouldn’t have ever been played and according to our records, it never was played. This isn’t soccer.

If you see an error, record is wrong, etc – email us at View our NAIA Baseball main page here for updated NAIA baseball rankings, draft stock, and analysis throughout the season.

Special Edition – REGIONAL WATCH

The image below is the current landscape for regional play as we see it. Green color are teams that have locked their automatic bids in place. Yellow team names are PROJECTED based on standings to win. They have to win that spot to claim their automatic bid. Not every conference will end up this way, there will be upsets.

Below the grid are the AT LARGE and Bubble Watch teams. Can there be teams that aren’t on this list get in? Sure, there’s still time to play your way in, but time is running out. Any AT LARGE team isn’t locked. Perhaps, St. Thomas, Lyon, and ACU/Westmont may be a guarantee, but anything can happen with these conference tournaments. Their seasons so far has pretty much locked them. Knowing that, there’s about 10 up for air AT LARGE picks currently.

And below this chart is our weekly rankings that play a part in projecting the below results with the same data (no pretty colors though). Note: JSI reflects similar to BO Chip Ranking, but differs on the point structure to better reflect how the NCAA ranks, Strength of Schedule and Quality of Wins/Losses. We THANK YOU for following us this year. We will post updates throughout tournaments.

JSISchool NameWinsLossesPointsConferenceChange
1Tennessee Wesleyan41817.7Appalachian Athletic0
2Cumberlands - KY38515.05Mid-South0
3Faulkner - AL411014.45Southern States0
4Southeastern - FL45813.5Sun Conference0
5Oklahoma City411013.05Sooner Athletic1
6LSU Shreveport40911.45Red River7
7Science & Arts41611.15Sooner Athletic13
8Georgia Gwinnett371011.1AII Conference-3
9St. Thomas - FL401110.55AT LARGE-2
10Bryan - TN321310.9Appalachian Athletic0
11Freed-Hardeman - TN361410.5American Midwest-3
12Middle Georgia State361110.3Southern States4
13Lyon - AR36169.7AT LARGE-4
14Central Methodist - MO30109.3Heart Of America10
15Indiana Southeast - IN31169.3River States-3
16Westmont - CA33129.15AT LARGE-5
17Georgetown - KY36119.1AT LARGE2
18Oklahoma Wesleyan3699Kansas Collegiate-1
19William Jessup - CA32128.85Golden State11
20Texas Wesleyan38128.1AT LARGE-5
21Indiana Tech29148.1Wolverine Conference0
22Truett-McConnell - GA26157.9Bubble Watch-8
23Benedictine Mesa - AZ39127.55AT LARGE0
24The Master's - CA32167.5AT LARGE-6
25Rio Grande - OH32177.3AT LARGE6
26Arizona Christian35206.75AT LARGE1
27Madonna - MI29176.7AT LARGE6
28Bellevue - NE35146.7North Star1
29Bethel - TN26176.7Bubble Watch9
30Hope International - CA32156.35AT LARGE-8
31Missouri Baptist - MO31146.2AT LARGE6
32Reinhardt - GA26216Bubble Watch15
33Campbellsville - KY28155.9Bubble Watch3
34Huntington - IN24115.8Crossroads5
35Webber International - FL33185.9AT LARGE-9
36Mobile - AL30185.65Bubble Watch10
37Point - GA27205.65Bubble Watch-2
38Southwestern Christian - OK36105.45Bubble Watch3
39Jarvis Christian - TX28195.2Bubble Watch-14
40Lewis-Clark State - ID30125Cascade Conference-12
41Concordia - NE26164.95Great Plains2
42Mount Vernon Nazarene - OH33154.9Crossroads2
43Our Lady of the Lake - TX26214.65Bubble Watch14
44McPherson - KS35134.65Kansas Collegiate-2
45Keiser - FL32194.25Bubble Watch-5
46Warner - FL32194.5Bubble Watch-12
47Antelope Valley - CA26164.25Bubble Watch2
48William Penn - IA3194.25Bubble Watch0
49Point Park - PA27154.2Bubble Watch2
50Jamestown - ND29144.05Great Plains12
51Tabor - KS33164Bubble Watch4
52Blue Mountain - MS24213.9Bubble Watch-7
53Vanguard - CA31203.85Bubble Watch-21
54IU Kokomo - IN31153.7River States-4
55William Carey - MS20243.4Bubble Watch9
56Cumberland - TN27213.25Bubble Watch2
57Saint Xavier - IL31133.15Chicagoland10
58St. Francis - IL27182.95Chicagoland29
59Benedictine - KS2592.75Bubble Watch2
60Talladega - AL23212.7Bubble Watch0
61Sterling - KS24202.65Bubble Watch9
62Bluefield - VA23202.65Bubble Watch18
63LSU Alexandria - La29202.6Red River-10
64Mount Marty - SD25172.6Bubble Watch-10
65Columbia - MO23182.5American Midwest-6
66Concordia - MI31152.4Bubble Watch3
67MidAmerica Nazarene - KS15132.3Bubble Watch6
68Central Baptist - AR23242.23
69Lawrence Tech - MI31122.2Wolverine Conference13
70Taylor - IN32162.15Bubble Watch-7
71Briar Cliff - IA21232-15
72Thomas - GA24221.9-20
73Clarke - IA22181.85Heart Of America2
74Marymount California20171.53
75York - NE23181.514
76Union - KY22211.5-4
77Martin Methodist - TN27221.451
78British Columbia23181.4Cascade Conference-12
79Robert Morris (Ill.)25171.4-5
80Mid-America Christian - OK17221.35-15
81Texas A&M Texarkana26251.15-2
82Mount Mercy - IA2220112
83Wayland Baptist - TX22170.951
84Olivet Nazarene - IL29130.9526
85Ave Maria - FL16300.9-17
86Lindenwood-Belleville - IL27230.913
87Midway - KY25220.85-6
88Harris-Stowe State - MO20240.85
89Milligan - TN19220.81
90Marian - IN23160.87
91Midland - NE20200.7526
92Morningside - IA23160.4-6
93Indiana Wesleyan20260.43
94Ottawa (Ariz.) - AZ20280.35-6
95Baker - KS21240.3-19
96Pikeville - KY22220.39
97Dakota Wesleyan - SD20180.2-14
98Trinity Christian - IL25170.15-13
99Northwestern - IA19230.152
100Goshen - IN1626-0.119
101Kansas Wesleyan2419-0.1515
102Texas College2225-0.4-2
103Southwest - NM2722-0.45-5
104Waldorf - IA2816-0.6-13
105Southwestern - KS1626-0.7-13
106Siena Heights - MI1918-0.85-2
107Cornerstone - MI1623-0.950
108Ottawa - KS2023-0.950
109University of Northwestern Ohi1722-1.10
110Friends - KS1829-1.212
111Montreat - NC2426-1.326
112Oklahoma Panhandle State1522-1.4-1
113Evangel - MO1721-1.452
114Park - MO2119-1.459
115St. Andrews - NC2027-1.5-20
116Fisher - MA3113-1.7AII Conference-3
117Grand View - IA1220-1.727
119Presentation - SD1820-1.75-17
120College of the Ozarks - MO2327-1.80
121Missouri Valley1525-1.9-15
122Asbury - KY2119-1.92
123Menlo - CA1525-2-11
124Wiley - TX1724-2.13
125William Woods - MO2028-2.125
126Peru State - NE1721-2.217
127Houston-Victoria - TX1728-2.4-1
128USC Beaufort (S.C.)2128-2.4-3
129Corban - OR1826-2.44
130Simpson - CA1820-2.451
131Grace - IN1324-2.55-10
132Doane - NE1527-2.557
133Florida Memorial2127-2.6-30
134Spring Arbor - MI2024-2.7-16
135Lourdes - OH1421-2.8-7
136Cleary (Mich.) - MI1121-313
137Culver-Stockton - MO1727-3.254
138St. Ambrose - IA1225-3.35-9
139Valley City State - ND1621-3.4-1
140Aquinas - MI1129-3.55-6
141Williams Baptist - AR1530-3.7-6
142Roosevelt - IL1125-3.7513
143Bethany - KS2227-3.831
144Voorhees - SC510-3.85-2
145Edward Waters - FL2230-4-5
146Saint Mary - KS1126-4-16
147Mayville State - ND1723-4.10
148Stillman - AL1325-4.1519
149Viterbo - WI928-4.2-1
150Judson - IL1429-4.259
151Crowley's Ridge - AR1326-4.310
152WVU Tech1827-4.355
153Brewton-Parker - GA1634-4.55
154Brescia - KY1229-4.55-8
155Loyola - LA2130-4.55-3
156Hannibal-LaGrange - MO1730-4.55-2
157College of Idaho1631-4.6-6
158Lindsey Wilson - KY832-52
159Shawnee State - OH1524-512
160Hastings - NE829-5.054
161Bethel - IN1024-5.15
162Avila - MO1029-5.153
163Florida National - FL830-5.45
164SAGU - TX2125-5.55
165Dordt - IA725-5.55-2
166San Diego Christian - CA1136-5.8-13
167La Sierra - CA927-6.556
168Indiana South Bend - IN1336-6.559
169Saint Francis - IN1337-6.8-7
170Trinity International - IL1929-6.811
171Graceland - IA630-6.851
172Providence Christian - CA830-74
173Rust - MS419-7.213
174Oregon Tech1233-7.4510
175Rochester - MI634-7.554
176Tougaloo - MS529-7.74
177Huston-Tillotson - TX736-7.8-2
178Cincinnati Christian - OH1336-7.95-8
179Kentucky Christian424-7.958
180Lincoln Christian - Il823-8.1-2
181Dakota State - SD233-8.152
182Central Christian - KS238-8.33
183Ohio Christian1131-8.35-1
184LC - IL114-8.7-39
185Morris - SC111-8.7-49
186College of Saint Joseph06-9.2-72
187Calumet - IN836-10.41
188Bacone - OK126-10.6-32

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