NAIA Baseball Rankings: Tennessee Wesleyan, Central Methodist Lead

TTFB is back with the NAIA Rankings, one centered on a strength index of how a team has competed thus far to a point in a season. In a nutshell, a higher ranking team has fared well against current strong opponents while lower ranked (and some high ranked) teams lose points for “bad” losses.

The JSI Ranking, similar to the Bo Chip, but we have a little more “strength” to it. Games are inputted as of 4/18/21 with 3,504 games played!

It’s hard to gauge this early in the season, some teams just played their first games, while others have completed game 20. As the season rolls on, we will get more and more closer to more accurate projections. Remember, in our first year (can’t count last year), only two teams made the world series final site that wasn’t in our top 10, so we were very accurate by the time the season finalized.

You’ll notice a tie isn’t in any records below. We hate ties and we award no points for such a result. It’s basically a game that shouldn’t have ever been played and according to our records, it never was played. This isn’t soccer.

Feel free to state your case in the comments on why a team should be higher and what YOU have seen out of these teams. Maybe a few good compliments on the rankings, not so much on the bad comments disagreeing with it (we tried?).

If you see an error, record is wrong, etc – email us at [email protected]. We utilized the records off NAIA scoreboard and the games they play, stats, etc, so there’s bound to be games missed.

REMEMBER: This is based on who each team has played so far and how they have fared. Don’t get bent out of shape if a team is currently ranked 34 and you feel they are a top 10 team, once everyone gets some games under their belts, everything will iron itself out. Some teams have less than 10 games played yet.

We didn’t have a poll the past few weeks, wanted to let the games catch up for everyone, with a month of games entered, and 3,504 games played so far, here’s what the JSI thinks! Some teams made massive moves over the past month with conference play kicking in.

JSI NAIA Baseball Rankings (Games are inputted as of 4/18/21):

JSISchool NameWinsLossesPoints
1Tennessee Wesleyan39317.60
2Central Methodist (Mo.)34515.00
3Southeastern (Fla.)37414.10
4Oklahoma Wesleyan37312.80
5Cumberlands (Ky.)37510.40
6Indiana Wesleyan361110.00
7Loyola (La.)30109.85
8Faulkner (Ala.)2759.25
9IU Southeast (Ind.)32138.65
10Vanguard (Calif.)34108.20
11Middle Georgia State28137.90
12Hope International (Calif.)24127.20
13Georgetown (Ky.)28156.90
14Doane (Neb.)27136.60
15LSU Shreveport (La.)23126.60
16Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)3136.45
17Taylor (Ind.)33126.40
18Science & Arts (Okla.)24106.25
19Benedictine (Kan.)3096.20
20William Carey (Miss.)25106.00
21Georgia Gwinnett2995.90
22McPherson (Kan.)2995.85
23Keiser University29115.80
24Reinhardt (Ga.)28125.80
25St. Thomas (Fla.)29175.80
26Benedictine - Mesa (Ariz.)2475.80
27Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)28145.80
28Concordia (Neb.)2875.50
29Bellevue (Neb.)25115.45
30Warner (Fla.)28174.80
31Oklahoma City26124.75
32Ottawa (Kan.)28134.70
33Asbury (Ky.)2994.45
34Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)20194.40
35Missouri Baptist21124.30
36Point Park (Pa.)2694.20
37Bryan (Tenn.)27134.10
38William Penn (Iowa)26134.05
39Webber International (Fla.)26204.00
40William Jessup (Calif.)21193.90
41Kansas Wesleyan27133.50
42Huntington (Ind.)24123.45
43Clarke (Iowa)29123.40
44Fisher (Mass.)23103.40
45Southwestern Christian (Okla.)3573.35
46Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)22163.30
47Truett McConnell (Ga.)22163.25
48Briar Cliff (Iowa)28113.10
49USC Beaufort (S.C.)23173.00
50Westmont (Calif.)21163.00
51Point (Ga.)20172.90
52Texas Wesleyan20132.85
53Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)25152.75
54St. Andrews (N.C.)22132.70
55Columbia (Mo.)2582.65
56Milligan (Tenn.)25182.55
57Tabor (Kan.)26142.25
58IU Kokomo (Ind.)23162.15
59Antelope Valley (Calif.)1222.00
60Mayville State (N.D.)23121.90
61William Woods (Mo.)14131.80
62Midland (Neb.)19221.65
63Mobile (Ala.)20151.65
64Mount Mercy (Iowa)27131.60
65Xavier (La.)2151.50
66St. Ambrose (Iowa)17181.50
67Arizona Christian31201.25
68Friends (Kan.)20191.20
69Cumberland (Tenn.)19191.20
70Cornerstone (Mich.)1491.20
71Lyon (Ark.)15191.20
72Bethany (Kan.)21181.15
73Indiana Tech21201.15
74Morningside (Iowa)19241.10
75St. Francis (Ind.)28161.10
76Jamestown (N.D.)25151.10
77Northwestern (Iowa)15211.00
78Concordia (Mich.)25150.85
79Peru State (Neb.)19210.85
80Brewton-Parker (Ga.)19240.80
81Texas A&M - Texarkana24160.65
82The Master's (Calif.)26170.65
83Blue Mountain (Miss.)13130.40
84Ottawa (Ariz.)19220.40
85Lawrence Tech (Mich.)790.30
86Central Baptist (Ark.)20130.10
87Madonna (Mich.)69-0.05
88Aquinas (Mich.)1818-0.20
89Judson (Ill.)1813-0.30
90Campbellsville (Ky.)1415-0.35
91Bluefield (Va.)1820-0.35
92IU South Bend (Ind.)1618-0.40
93St. Xavier (Ill.)2218-0.40
94Southwestern (Kan.)1814-0.40
95Valley City State (N.D.)1520-0.50
96College of the Ozarks (Mo.)1219-0.70
98Northwestern Ohio1613-1.00
99Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)1920-1.05
100Thomas (Ga.)1725-1.20
101Sterling (Kan.)1922-1.20
102St. Francis (Ill.)1710-1.25
103Bethel (Tenn.)1418-1.35
104La Sierra (Calif.)515-1.50
105Union (Ky.)1622-1.50
106Baker (Kan.)1523-1.55
107Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)1120-1.70
108Martin Methodist (Tenn.)919-1.70
109Mid-America Christian (Okla.)2219-1.80
110Mid-America Christian (Okla.)2219-1.80
111York (Neb.)1028-1.90
112Shawnee State (Ohio)1918-2.00
113Hastings (Neb.)1023-2.00
114Cleary (Mich.)1016-2.10
115Oregon Tech1721-2.20
116Marian (Ind.)1825-2.30
117Roosevelt (Ill.)1213-2.35
118Grand View (Iowa)1023-2.35
119Lourdes (Ohio)1420-2.45
120SAGU (Texas)2422-2.55
121Waldorf (Iowa)1721-2.55
122Park-Gilbert (Ariz.)108-2.60
123Ave Maria (Fla.)1428-2.60
124Evangel (Mo.)1320-2.75
125Grace (Ind.)1127-2.90
126Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)1419-2.95
127Houston-Victoria (Texas)721-2.95
128Culver-Stockton (Mo.)1128-3.00
129Simpson (Calif.)718-3.00
130Florida Memorial1323-3.00
131Dickinson State (N.D.)917-3.00
132Rochester (Mich.)415-3.10
133Montreat (N.C.)1726-3.10
134Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)815-3.10
135Talladega (Ala.)1521-3.15
136Morris (S.C.)310-3.20
137Park (Mo.)1022-3.20
138Spring Arbor (Mich.)1723-3.20
139Wayland Baptist (Texas)2222-3.20
140Viterbo (Wis.)1019-3.35
141Dakota State (S.D.)1617-3.50
142Voorhees (S.C.)513-3.50
143Rio Grande (Ohio)1529-3.60
144St. Katherine (CA)2314-3.60
145Providence Christian (Calif.)116-3.70
146Edward Waters (Fla.)1023-3.70
147Stillman College (Ala.)321-3.85
148Missouri Valley1428-4.10
149Trinity International (Ill.)919-4.15
150Oklahoma Panhandle State1130-4.15
151Florida National1122-4.30
152Lincoln Christian (Ill.)613-4.35
153Rust (Miss.)1318-4.40
154Dordt (Iowa)1226-4.55
155Trinity Christian (Ill.)922-4.70
156Mount Marty (S.D.)2314-4.70
157WVU Tech622-4.80
158Siena Heights (Mich.)717-4.90
159Pikeville (Ky.)1026-4.90
160Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)1917-4.90
161Corban (Ore.)1525-4.95
162Southwest (N.M.)1628-4.95
163Calumet St. Joseph (Ind.)423-5.20
164Williams Baptist (Ark.)1220-5.20
165Midway (Ky.)1022-5.30
166Eastern Oregon524-5.30
167MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)2514-5.30
168Tougaloo (Miss.)420-5.30
169Graceland (Iowa)1224-5.45
170LSU Alexandria (La.)2118-5.70
171College of Idaho1924-5.75
172Columbia International (S.C.)2222-5.75
173Ohio Christian924-5.85
174Thomas More (Ky.)2022-5.90
175Bethel (Ind.)1330-5.90
176Avila (Mo.)628-6.00
177Oakland City (Ind.)1523-6.10
178Lincoln (Ill.)224-6.20
179Kentucky Christian928-6.25
180Brescia (Ky.)725-6.30
181San Diego Christian (Calif.)334-6.30
182St. Mary (Kan.)633-6.40
183Jarvis Christian (Texas)833-6.50
184Central Christian (Kan.)528-7.70
185Presentation (S.D.)733-7.80
186Goshen (Ind.)334-9.00

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