NAIA Baseball Rankings: Vanguard leads

NAIA Rankings: Week 2

TTFB is back with the NAIA Rankings, one centered on a strength index of how a team has competed thus far to a point in a season. In a nutshell, a higher ranking team has fared well against current strong opponents while lower ranked (and some high ranked) teams lose points for “bad” losses.

This is similar to the Bo Chip, but we have a little more “strength” to it. Games are inputted as of 3/9/21.

It’s hard to gauge this early in the season, some teams just played their first games, while others have completed game 20. As the season rolls on, we will get more and more closer to more accurate projections. Remember, in our first year (can’t count last year), only two teams made the world series final site that wasn’t in our top 10, so we were very accurate by the time the season finalized.

You’ll notice a tie isn’t in any records below. We hate ties and we award no points for such a result. It’s basically a game that shouldn’t have ever been played and according to our records, it never was played. This isn’t soccer.

Feel free to state your case in the comments on why a team should be higher and what YOU have seen out of these teams. Maybe a few good compliments on the rankings, not so much on the bad comments disagreeing with it (we tried?).

If you see an error, record is wrong, etc – email us at We utilized the records off NAIA scoreboard and the games they play, stats, etc, so there’s bound to be games missed.

REMEMBER: This is based on who each team has played so far and how they have fared. Don’t get bent out of shape if a team is currently ranked 34 and you feel they are a top 10 team, once everyone gets some games under their belts, everything will iron itself out. Some teams have less than 10 games played yet.


  • Lots of big jumps this week as some teams have gained over 10 games played. So, you’ll see some massive jumps and drops.
  • Some teams may have larger drops and rises due to several factors. Most commonly, this is a strength of schedule based with results. So, you may be ranked 2nd. Then all of a sudden, everyone you have been beating, suddenly tanks and they all are doing poorly. If that happens, the system values them as “bad wins” or easy contests, and there is less points. These change throughout the year and the cream rises. Like last year (2019), we finished with almost the top 10 who made it to the world series. The best will rise.
  • Same can be said for some early “bad losses” to teams that currently aren’t doing well. If those teams suddenly play well and go on a tear, it will boost the teams that have beaten them.
  • Get it? Let’s divulge. Remember, some teams have still played less than 10, so there are still some big moves to be made.

NAIA Baseball Rankings:

JSISchool NameWLPointsChange
1Vanguard (Calif.)1935.90
2Benedictine (Kan.)1425.53
3Southeastern (Fla.)2215.35-1
4Tennessee Wesleyan1705.355
5Hope International (Calif.)1464.81
6Cumberlands (Ky.)1814.81
7Oklahoma Wesleyan1424.2518
8Middle Georgia State1463.9515
9St. Thomas (Fla.)1273.8-5
10Central Methodist (Mo.)1323.621
11Georgia Gwinnett1263.41
12Keiser University1843.43
13Asbury (Ky.)1233.319
14Lewis-Clark State (Idaho)1423.25-11
15Reinhardt (Ga.)1182.93
16William Carey (Miss.)1122.827
17Benedictine - Mesa (Ariz.)1162.5-9
18Texas A&M - Texarkana1172.256
19Webber International (Fla.)1772.2534
20Bellevue (Neb.)1062.213
21Friends (Kan.)1342.15-4
22Warner (Fla.)1592.05-3
23Taylor (Ind.)156246
24LSU Shreveport (La.)53211
25Southwestern Christian (Okla.)1731.9-11
26Clarke (Iowa)851.918
27Loyola (La.)1081.940
28Cumberland (Tenn.)1081.9-17
29Point (Ga.)1061.850
30Point Park (Pa.)541.812
31Marian (Ind.)881.85
32Blue Mountain (Miss.)631.733
33Bryan (Tenn.)1641.7-13
34Midland (Neb.)1181.65-21
35Our Lady of the Lake (Texas)781.6-14
36Freed-Hardeman (Tenn.)881.644
37Fisher (Mass.)721.5-9
38Xavier (La.)421.5-16
39Doane (Neb.)571.519
40Brewton-Parker (Ga.)1271.45-13
41IU Kokomo (Ind.)861.438
42Spring Arbor (Mich.)461.471
43St. Andrews (N.C.)861.338
44USC Beaufort (S.C.)1291.311
45William Woods (Mo.)531.338
46Huntington (Ind.)921.2515
47Cornerstone (Mich.)511.2133
48McPherson (Kan.)1411.1-11
49Georgetown (Ky.)1161.1-9
50Oklahoma City1071.0521
51Bethany (Kan.)1061.05-21
52Science & Arts (Okla.)930.9523
53Milligan (Tenn.)1190.8519
54William Penn (Iowa)1140.8-9
55Bluefield (Va.)760.775
56Texas Wesleyan640.6-17
57The Master's (Calif.)1280.60
58Truett McConnell (Ga.)1070.5536
59St. Xavier (Ill.)780.5-13
60College of the Ozarks (Mo.)390.513
61Valley City State (N.D.)580.5-12
62Northwestern (Iowa)770.4542
63Culver-Stockton (Mo.)480.483
64Kansas Wesleyan1070.3577
65Faulkner (Ala.)1010.3540
66Jamestown (N.D.)1070.3542
67Mayville State (N.D.)630.3-33
68Shawnee State (Ohio)670.3-6
69Concordia (Neb.)820.25-13
70Southwestern (Kan.)560.236
71Mobile (Ala.)1060.2-55
72Missouri Valley770.217
73Evangel (Mo.)750.15-13
74Aquinas (Mich.)740.1-22
75Houston-Victoria (Texas)230.111
76Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.)550.10
77Madonna (Mich.)130.1-18
78Grace (Ind.)650.1-27
79Arizona Christian23110.05-53
80Bethel (Tenn.)740.0539
81St. Ambrose (Iowa)28048
82Indiana Wesleyan67071
83Lawrence Tech (Mich.)13-0.1100
84Campbellsville (Ky.)35-0.1-43
85IU South Bend (Ind.)13-0.197
86Dickinson State (N.D.)13-0.1-86
87Mount Mercy (Iowa)103-0.1-33
88Mount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)63-0.15-10
89Columbia (Mo.)72-0.25-39
90Jarvis Christian (Texas)311-0.3-3
91Roosevelt (Ill.)11-0.3102
92Voorhees (S.C.)13-0.3104
93Grand View (Iowa)35-0.3529
94SAGU (Texas)206-0.4-84
95William Jessup (Calif.)126-0.4-4
96Morris (S.C.)02-0.47
97Cleary (Mich.)36-0.4-9
98IU Southeast (Ind.)911-0.4523
99Baker (Kan.)67-0.5-52
100Mid-America Christian (Okla.)68-0.5-62
101Waldorf (Iowa)17-0.523
102Briar Cliff (Iowa)101-0.5-18
103La Sierra (Calif.)15-0.5-3
104Viterbo (Wis.)37-0.5-11
105Martin Methodist (Tenn.)35-0.52
106Ottawa (Kan.)105-0.55-38
107Tabor (Kan.)98-0.5525
108Missouri Baptist55-0.6-60
109Rochester (Mich.)03-0.683
110St. Francis (Ill.)22-0.684
111Oklahoma Panhandle State514-0.637
112Morningside (Iowa)612-0.621
113Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.)52-0.65-36
114Lourdes (Ohio)23-0.74
115Trinity Christian (Ill.)48-0.7-51
116Union (Ky.)67-0.718
117WVU Tech36-0.75-32
118York (Neb.)312-0.8-21
119Wayland Baptist (Texas)128-0.8-49
120Lyon (Ark.)56-0.8518
121Northwestern Ohio54-0.8510
122Olivet Nazarene (Ill.)510-0.927
123Midway (Ky.)46-0.9520
124Hastings (Neb.)28-0.9512
125Mount Marty (S.D.)86-1-16
126Rust (Miss.)74-1-63
127Westmont (Calif.)108-1-61
128Florida Memorial88-119
129Williams Baptist (Ark.)43-1-14
130Judson (Ill.)05-1-20
131Providence Christian (Calif.)05-1-30
132Southwest (N.M.)66-128
133Calumet St. Joseph (Ind.)04-144
134Montreat (N.C.)914-1.0520
135Lindsey Wilson (Ky.)68-1.1-45
136Central Baptist (Ark.)45-1.1-62
137Park-Gilbert (Ariz.)53-1.1-17
138St. Francis (Ind.)78-1.1-3
139St. Katherine (CA)145-1.2-57
140Crowley's Ridge (Ark.)75-1.2-45
141Graceland (Iowa)36-1.2-27
142Harris-Stowe State (Mo.)33-1.25-43
143Talladega (Ala.)48-1.25-6
144Dordt (Iowa)77-1.2512
145Tougaloo (Miss.)25-1.3-47
146Ohio Christian64-1.3-50
147Eastern Oregon26-1.4-20
148Siena Heights (Mich.)04-1.4-23
149Trinity International (Ill.)44-1.55-26
150Oregon Tech612-1.555
151Florida National410-1.6-12
152Park (Mo.)17-1.6-60
153Ave Maria (Fla.)813-1.65
154Dakota State (S.D.)16-1.65-38
155Columbia International (S.C.)108-1.75-15
156Lincoln (Ill.)09-1.8-45
157Stillman College (Ala.)07-1.8-45
158Goshen (Ind.)07-1.8-56
159Brescia (Ky.)110-1.9-42
160Kentucky Christian212-21
161Rio Grande (Ohio)714-22
162Simpson (Calif.)010-2-34
163Bethel (Ind.)412-2.15
164Pikeville (Ky.)310-2.13
165Oakland City (Ind.)77-2.1-13
166Thomas (Ga.)414-2.1-24
167Thomas More (Ky.)69-2.1-10
168Indiana Tech210-2.15-18
169St. Mary (Kan.)113-2.3-18
170Sterling (Kan.)98-2.3-8
171Concordia (Mich.)57-2.3-45
172Avila (Mo.)210-2.5-7
173Central Christian (Kan.)210-2.55-4
174College of Idaho1112-2.55-15
175Ottawa (Ariz.)912-2.6-31
176MidAmerica Nazarene (Kan.)108-2.6-10
177Presentation (S.D.)411-2.65-32
178LSU Alexandria (La.)710-2.7-7
179Peru State (Neb.)211-2.8-9
180Edward Waters (Fla.)318-2.8-7
181Corban (Ore.)416-2.9-17
182San Diego Christian (Calif.)217-3.3-10

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