Padres Mock Trade Scenarios For Eric Hosmer


The Cubs and Padres reportedly discussed trade scenarios that would have sent first baseman Eric Hosmer and his contract worth $59M and a top prospect to the Cubs for an unknown return, according to Sahadev Sharma of the of the Athletic.

Essentially, the Cubs would be buying a prospect. Given money off the books from several players; such as Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, and Kyle Schwarber, it could be advantageous for both teams.

While it remains to be seen what the particulars would have been given the top prospect speculatory package; that would seemingly rule out taking on another deemed ‘bad contract’ in say, Jason Heyward. If that were the case, a top prospect wouldn’t be involved (unless there were more value coming back to San Diego).

The rumored prospect was said to be centered around catcher Luis Campusano. With Willson Contreras only having one more year on his contract — and with the Cubs’ top catching prospect in Miguel Amaya down with Tommy John surgery, it could make sense. Campusano is a very valuable prospect and MLB ready. Moreover, the Padres currently have four catchers on their roster after acquiring Jorge Alfaro via trade from the Marlins. With Austin Nola, Campusano, former Cubs’ Victor Caratini and the addition to Alfaro, it appears to be an obvious precursor for a trade.

What could a trade look like?

While the obvious bad contract swap idea here is popular, I don’t think it benefits either team. Thus, I’m not focusing on Jason Heyward for Eric Hosmer.

However, if the Padres were to trade someone like Campusano or top prospect Robert Hassell attached to Eric Hosmer and a substantial portion of the reminder of his contract; could the Padres bring back one of Kyle Hendricks or Wade Miley with one of Willson Contreras or Ian Happ?

The Cubs signed Free Agent catcher Yan Gomes and the current starting backstop Willson Contreras has been rumored to be unhappy with the situation in Chicago. The writing seems to be on the wall for a trade. Maybe it’s not if, but when (and for whom)?

The Trade:

Cubs get Luis Campusano, Eric Hosmer and salary relief.

Padres get Willson Contreras or one of Kyle Hendricks or Wade Miley.


The Marlins have Jesus Aguilar and while he hits right-handed pitching well, it could still work if the National League adapts the DH. The Marlins have a myriad of pitching prospects and Hosmer going back to his hometown would be kinda cool.

The Trade:

Marlins get 1B Eric Hosmer, OF Robert Hassell and Euribiel Angeles.

Padres get Gerritt Cooper and Eury Perez (salary relief).


It could be more than just a feel good story going back to where Hosmer won a Championship. The Royals have been bad ever since he signed with the Padres, and now the farm system is on the verge of paying dividends.

Maybe the Royals would sell relatively high on Andrew Benintendi after a nice bounce back year. I can’t see the Padres taking on either Hunter Dozier or Carlos Santana. Thus, the Padres would have to include a significant prospect.

The Trade:

The Royals get Eric Hosmer, Robert Hassell and 15M+.

The Padres get Andrew Benintendi (salary relief).


If the Yankees fail to re-sign Anthony Rizzo; can’t line up a deal for Matt Olson; or the unfathomable Freddie Freeman leaving Atlanta, the Yankees could platoon Voit and Hosmer.

What would a hypothetical trade look like? Probably not this:

Aaron Hicks and Luke Voit for Eric Hosmer, Ha-Seong Kim and 20M? Maybe the Padres could dangle Luis Campusano too; the Friars could take their aim at a couple lottery ticket prospects with high upside as they did dumping James Shields. That turned out well, eh?

The Trade:

Yankees get Eric Hosmer, Ha-seong Kim, Luis Campusano and 20M.

Padres get Aaron Hicks and Luke Voit (salary relief).


Yankees get Trent Grisham, Eric Hosmer, Luis Campusano and Ha-Seong Kim.

Padres get Joey Gallo, Luke Voit and Gleyber Torres (major salary relief).

Red Sox:

I always thought Hosmer would rake at Fenway. He can go the other way well; although last year he seemed to be far too pull-happy. The Red Sox have top prospect Tristan Casas in the wings in addition to Bobby Dalbec. I have still wondered if taking on JD Martinez‘ contact in a swap for Hosmer and other value could make sense for both sides? The Red Sox have long been liked to Wil Myers and catcher Luis Campusano. Moreover, there’s rumors the Red Sox would like to upgrade on their catching situation lead by Christian Vasquez.

The Trade:

Red Sox get Luis Campusano, Eric Hosmer, a lower echelon prospect with upside and 15M.

Padres get JD Martinez, Christian Vasquez (salary relief).

Or Christian Vasquez with Boston taking on the entirety of Hosmer’s contract.


The Padres and Nationals discussed a trade during last year’s MLB deadline for Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, centered around catcher Luis Campusano. And while the Nats have already traded for catcher Keibert Ruiz, whom they revived from the Dodgers in Scherzer deal, there’s groundwork established for future deals.

Like the Heyward theoretical swap with the Cubs, I don’t think a ‘bad contract’ swap for Patrick Corbin makes sense. I don’t think it makes the Padres better. And with the Nationals Josh Bell‘s rebound year, it doesn’t seem to make sense for them either. However, if the Padres were to entice the Nationals with Robert Hassell or Trent Grisham, it’s possible to envision a deal centered around the aforementioned Bell coming back to San Diego and maybe you could get Victor Robles, as he’s been a disappointment this far.

Although, Trent Grisham has a lot of value and the Padres are still high on him so that is probably unlikely. Furthermore, the Padres would need far more than a former top prospect who’s production has failed to materialize and Josh Bell.

The Trade:

Nationals get Robert Hassell, Eric Hosmer and 15M.

Padres get Josh Bell and Victor Robles (salary relief).


Padres get Josh Bell and arm like Matt Cronin or a lottery ticket in someone like Roismar Quintana.

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