Pirates Take Henry Davis First Overall Pick 2021 MLB Draft

Ten years after the Pirates took Gerrit Cole first overall in 2011, the Pirates (as usual) have another chance to get the best player available. This year is a weak draft class, no one player stands out above anyone else. The Pirates took the gamble on hot hitting Catcher Henry Davis of Louisville. Most mock drafts had him at #5 or #6, while we had him coming in at #4.

The Pirates passed on Jack Leiter, son of former pro Al Leiter, and also passed on consensus #1 mock draft pick in Marcelo Mayer. Mayer is a high school player, and the Pirates are known for taking college picks in the first round. Surprising this year, as the Pirates aren’t anywhere close to competing.

Davis, batted .370/.482/.663 with 15 home runs and 10 stolen bases, but is known for his rocket arm. Pirates are hoping they grabbed the next Adley Rutschman, who’s fast accent to the Majors could come later this summer.

Rest of the top 5 went:

2: Jack Leiter
3. Jackson Jobe
4. Marcelo Mayer
5. Colton Cowser

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