Re-Draft Edition (2016 MLB Draft)

This is going to be my final re-draft edition for a while. Past 2016, the grounds are shaky. Many haven’t made their Major League debuts and others haven’t had an opportunity to excel as of yet. We’ll come back to this in a few years. In the meantime, enjoy the final re-draft!

  1. Philadelphia Phillies: Bo Bichette, SS, Lakewood HS (FL)
    Original Pick: Mickey Moniak, OF, La Costa Canyon HS (CA)

    I saw it. We all ended up seeing it. Moniak was swiftly taken by Philadelphia with the first pick. Immediately, I said to myself: “Man, this is a weird pick.” That wasn’t the only thing. His footage didn’t jump off the screen. I don’t dislike Moniak. In fact, I think he could still become a solid player down the road, but if they had chosen Bichette this team would no doubt be atop the NL East. Bichette brings a swagger not many prospects have brought in this draft. Bichette can do it all. Along with Vlad Jr., he is a star.

  2. Cincinnati Reds: Pete Alonso, 1B, Florida
    Original Pick: Nick Senzel, 3B, Tennessee

    Took me everything not to put Pete Alonso number one. His career has blasted off more than anyone in the 2016 draft. Accolades, achievements, you name it, he’s been a fun player to watch. And a pleasant surprise for the Mets, who didn’t know they would wind up building around him. While I really do think Nick Senzel will have a fine career, his injuries have come to a point where it’s just putting his development in jeopardy. If the Reds could go back they would’ve fell in love with Alonso.

  3. Atlanta Braves: Shane Bieber, RHP,
    Original Pick: Ian Anderson, RHP, Shenendehowa hS (NY)

    Listen, Ian Anderson was and still is a solid pick at three. His career has just started. But if I’m sticking to my own rules of the re-draft, Shane Bieber would’ve been the pick. He’s had a good start to his career. His stuff is lethal, and there is a little Jacob DeGrom in his game. The Indians, err, Guardians, will love having this kid atop the rotation for a couple more years at least, once they extend him of course.

  4. Colorado Rockies: Kyle Lewis, OF, Mercer
    Original Pick: Riley Pint, RHP, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)

    2021 was rough for Kyle Lewis. Let’s put that aside for now. What we seen of him in 2020 was special, and I think that truly is the Lewis we will see again in 2022. His development in the minors went according to plan and he will bring a lot of upside to Seattle’s outfield. The Rockies sure could’ve used his talents this season. If 2020 Rookie of the Year was on their roster right now, the Nolan Arenado pain might lessen some and the future would’ve looked a little brighter.

  5. Milwaukee Brewers: Corbin Burnes, RHP, St. Mary’s
    Original Pick: Corey Ray, OF, Louisville

    Burnes, I’m sure, is considered too high for most people, but I think if 2020 and 2021 proved anything, it’s that the Brewers have an absolute gamer. They got a taste of him in 2018 when he went 7-0 in 38 innings pitched, ending his impressive rookie campaign with an ERA of 2.61. His 2019 was forgettable and was proof he needed to improve a few things. He put it all together in 2020 and 2021, however, and made his first All-Star appearance this season. I believe there will be many more. Even though Ray was the pick in 2016, they made good on it later nabbing Burnes.

  6. Oakland Athletics: Bryan Reynolds, OF, Vanderbilt
    Original Pick: A.J. Puk, LHP, Florida

    Reynolds is a player that would just fit so well in Oakland. He made his comeuppance with Pittsburgh, and is quietly becoming a star. He also made his first All-Star appearance this season, and if Pittsburgh was smart, they’d build around this guy. While I do like what A.J. Puk brings to the table, he’s just not taking advantage of the opportunities Oakland has given him to date.

  7. Miami Marlins: Tommy Edman, 3B, Stanford
    Original Pick: Braxton Garrett, LHP, Florence HS (AL)

    Edman is still a work in progress, but I feel he belongs in my top-10 re-draft. Braxton Garrett is still a work in progress too, but Edman has more upside in my opinion. He’s a Swiss Army knife for St. Louis and has a lot of Ian Kinsler in his game. I feel in 2022 Edman will come into his own and put it all together.

  8. San Diego Padres: Will Smith, C, Louisville
    Original Pick: Cal Quantrill, RHP, Stanford

    Will Smith is enjoying a pretty nice season. He’s eyeing 100 hits. He’s hitting .273 with 23 homers and 68 RBIs. I think the Dodgers finally found an every day backstop. Smith’s bat has always been in question when he was drafted, but the rawness was there. He’d have little grade upticks of what he “could become”. Well, Smith is making scouts very happy at the moment. San Diego still has high hopes for Austin Nola, which they should, but I would lay money on their wish for a solid back stop. If they could take a time machine to 2016, Will Smith would’ve been the pick. Well, actually maybe Adley Rutschman, but he didn’t sign with Seattle who picked him in the 40th round, so we’ll just forget that ever happened.

  9. Detroit Tigers: Matt Manning, RHP, Sheldon HS (CA)
    Original Pick: Matt Manning, RHP, Sheldon HS (CA)

    I’m not changing this pick whatsoever. Matt Manning has just made his debut for Detroit this year, after nearly five years in the minors. Each year he’s improved and is starting to develop into a lights out pitcher at the young age of 23. He’s tall, has a power arm and pitching coaches love this guy. He’s a key part of the future for the Detroit Tigers and I’m not going to sub this pick for a player that has already made an impact, because I feel when it’s all said and done, Manning is going to be looked at as the top pitcher from the 2016 draft.

  10. Chicago White Sox: Alex Kirilloff, OF, Plum HS (PA)
    Original Pick: Zack Collins, C, Miami

    Zack Collins ain’t it, man. I think they wanted him to be this two-way catcher they envisioned, but I think at most he’s s serviceable backstop. The hitting is not there, and while I hope I am wrong and it’s taking him just longer to develop in that area, I just don’t see it. In today’s game, catchers need to be more than just good game-callers. Enter Alex Kiriloff. I opted to put him on this list, because much like Matt Manning, I feel his ceiling is just too high to keep him out. We are getting a sample of what he will bring to the table for the future of the Twins. In just 59 games there were flashes to get excited about. There’s a lot to work on, sure, but this promotion this season was important. It was necessary.

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