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Ryan Braun. How many of you have searched that term on the Internet? Most likely, you found this site that way. The Internet is still blowing up with Braun rumors. Nothing new really, though. Just the same ol’ steriods or medication (herpes). I need an update on what all is going on, so while I’m in the process of finding out, why not let you guys know? I’ll go through what is all across the web right now, but after this article, I will be cleaning my browser of searching “Ryan Braun herpes.” Google ads are freaking me out right now. The arbitration hearing for Braun will happen sometime this month.

So, I’ll start with what we have released so far:

Ryan Braun’s herpes rumor — I released this the day his steroids to herpes rumor went viral. Check it out if you’re just starting this process out. Most likely you’ve read it already.

Ryan Braun’s issue could create herpes awareness — Magic Johnson did it for HIV. Why can’t Braun do it for herpes?

And, now, let’s examine around the web.

Don Mattingly weighs in on Braun — ESPN reported that Mattingly hopes for the best but ultimately wants Braun to be stripped of the award if found guilty of a banned substance. Of course he does, because then Matt Kemp will get the award. Wonder if he would feel the same if Braun played for the Dodgers.

Braun will know the verdict before spring training — Fox Sports is reporting that Braun will know his status before he reports to spring training on February 18. Interesting point Tom makes in the article: After the hearing, MLB will not announce the verdict because it wasn’t supposed to be leaked anyway, but they would announce the suspension. If he passes the hearing, then his camp would be expected to make the announcement. The Brewers expect to know the verdict around one week after the hearing takes place, and if he’s suspended, he can still attend spring training! The review will be conducted by a three-person panel, and the deciding factor is, even if he did take medication for a medical issue, he will still fail because he didn’t let MLB know.

What to do with Ryan Braun’s fantasy value — Hardball Times decided to break down his fantasy value for those fantasy dudes looking to get a head start.

Jonathan Lucroy offers defense of Braun — MLB.com has some good stuff from a radio show that Lucroy appeared on. Lucroy vouches for his innocence.

Local tavern parts ways with Ryan Braun — In Wisconsin, a local tavern and bar decides to change it’s name and part ways with Ryan. I’m sure this will make the lawsuit Braun will eventually file against those who released his steroid test results.

Will future awards be out of the question for Braun? — Hardball Talk breaks down Buster Olney’s previous comments wondering if voters won’t vote for him in future awards. Interesting concept.

Post your links below if you have any updates before we release them! Note: We will be monitoring the links, no spam!

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