Saturday slapstick: Pops and Pirates on the poop deck

Pittsburgh's New Meaning to "Kiss it goodbye!"
Pittsburgh’s New Meaning to “Kiss it goodbye!”

For those who missed the high drama and fascinating television that took place at PNC Park, you missed what baseball represents.

The Pittsburgh Pirates win the club’s first postseason game in more than two decades. And it showed with decibels soaring over that of a jet engine. The fans were expectant. The aura was electric.

Energy. Hysteria. Theatricals. Dominance. And this…

A memo to the Buccos: Find this fool. I think your team will do much better in the postseason if some inebriated dolt’s smooch marks on the ass of arguably, the most esteemed Pirate of them all in Mr. Willie “Pops” Stargell.

Not a good omen, kids. I don’t think Pops would appreciate this, given with his IBS issues. Good luck against the Redbirds.


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