Superman Sam’s powers steadily wearing down

Is "Superman Sam" Fuld coming back down to earth? (Photo courtesy of Rays/Skip Milos)

No one expected Sam Fuld to be the player he has turned out to be. He came to the Rays in January as part of an eight-player deal by the Chicago Cubs in exchange for pitcher Matt Garza. Fuld played 98 games for the Cubs and maintained a .252 batting average over three seasons. His first few games with the Rays, however, sparked something in him that fans weren’t expecting.

“Superman Sam” was the player to beat in April, hitting as high as .366. Even I was elated with the thought of the good things this new phenomenal player could bring. He maintained his high average over the course of April, but the wheels started to come off after an 0-for-9 effort in a doubleheader against the Twins on April 28.

After an 0-for-5 effort Tuesday against Cleveland dropped his average to a season-low .238, Fuld delivered three hits and two RBIs in last night’s 8-2 win over the Indians, bumping his average back up to .254. Since the doubleheader o-fer against the Twins, however, Fuld has been far from super, getting only six hits in his last 54 at-bats (.111).

Is this what Rays fans should expect out of Fuld for the rest of the season, or is he just in a slump? I have a feeling that his “Superman Sam” powers are finally wearing off.

His success in the early season with hits, base running and fielding shows that Fuld is an excellent all-around player and good addition to the team, but his up and down batting average leaves Rays fans wondering what’s to come of their new superstar.

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