The Single: Inspirational videos by TCU Baseball


The Single is here, featuring funny pictures, videos, etc., that we find entertaining. Today we look at a compilation of the most inspirational baseball videos on YouTube made by TCU Baseball.

Note: These videos show why baseball is little more than just a game filled with Cracker Jacks and sunshine. Baseball takes hard work, commitment and perseverance to never quit when the going gets tough. It’s individual character and being a student of the game that makes a player great. The videos show what the TCU baseball players do in order to achieve that greatness. Any fan, player or coach of the game would agree and say they’ve been there before. Inspirational to say the least.

There’s no rhyme or reason to when The Single goes live, so be on the lookout all day! You can see your funny videos and pictures here, too. Just submit what you want to share to [email protected].

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