Texas Rangers Notes: Backups to Heath Bell and will they trade Derek Holland?

Would the Texas Rangers consider trading Derek Holland after back-to-back, complete-game shutouts?(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The Texas Rangers are in the middle of an 11-game winning streak, but leave it to the fair-weather fans and the media to say it doesn’t mean much when it’s being done against mediocre teams.

Be that as it may, 11 wins in a row is still 11 wins in a row. You better believe they’d be screaming bloody murder if it were 11 losses in a row.

What will it take to land Heath Bell?

With a few weeks left until the trading deadline, the rumors are going to be hot and heavy. ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted over the weekend that the Rangers were seen as the odds-on favorites to land San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell.

Olney also tweeted, “Padres have exchanged names on Bell, Adams with other teams, but haven’t been inspired yet.”

The Padres do not have to trade Heath Bell. Regardless of what you might think, San Diego could keep Bell through this season and see if he’s willing to come back to the Padres for the famous, “San Diego discount.” If he does, he wouldn’t be the first player to give San Diego the home town discount.

Could Derek Holland be on his way out?

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about left-hander Derek Holland. Surprisingly, it seems as if the young pitcher could be traded in the right deal at the deadline. No matter how well he’s pitched as of late, the Rangers might believe they can use him in the right deal for a starter or reliever.

With the Rangers needing another starter, it’s hard for me to believe they’d give up another starter, especially one as young and talented as Holland. Unless they’re getting a solid No. 2 starter back in return I don’t see him being dealt.

Tyler Clippard is going to be expensive

The Texas Rangers would love to acquire Washington Nationals’ reliever, Tyler Clippard. The 26-year-old right-hander has been one of the best relievers in the National League and don’t think the Rangers haven’t noticed.

The only problem is the Nationals have already made it clear Clippard is going to be an expensive piece for any team to acquire. Maybe to the tune of three young prospects, especially seeing as he isn’t going to be eligible for free agency until 2016.

But what makes me think this could be possible is the Nationals have been looking for outfield help and have constantly checked in with the Houston Astros concerning Michael Bourne. The Rangers have flirted with the idea of bringing up Chris Davis and showcasing him in the outfield. Maybe this is the reason why?

The only way I can see the Rangers turning their attention to him is if they lose out on Heath Bell. If they acquire the Padres’ closer, there’s no reason to turn their attention to the nation’s capital.

I’ll see your Grant Balfour and I’ll raise you … Andrew Bailey?

I’ve talked about an Oakland Athletics reliever before, but it was surrounding hard-throwing, right-hander Grant Balfour.

Apparently, the Rangers are now looking at 27-year-old, right-hander AnDrew Bailey. The young reliever is 0-2 with a 2.12 ERA, but Oakland, like the Nationals, are going to be asking for the moon for their guy who is arbitration eligible for the first time next season.

It’s going to take an overwhelming offer from Texas for the A’s to part with Bailey. But, again, I think he’s a fall-back option in case they can’t get a deal done for Heath Bell.

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