The Hot Corner: Thome, Toronto, Tiger … oh my!

The shot heard round the upper Midwest. (Dave Reginek/Getty Images)

The hottest topics for the week of August 14, 2011 …

The 600 Club: If Jim Thome hits his 600th home run and nobody cares, did it really happen?

Big Z: After some unruly conduct Carlos Zambrano was put on the disqualified list – which seems unnecessary, since he’s already on the Cubs.

Draft signing deadline: Baseball fans (and by that we mean player agents) all agree that this is one of the most exciting days of the year.

Bruce Bochy: The San Francisco manager says a hypnotist helped him quit smoking. But no luck on his other addiction: grizzled veterans.

Toronto Blue Jays: They claim they are not stealing signs – just borrowing them.

Mo problems: Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera gave up a home run in two consecutive games for the first time ever. A New York senator blames the Tea Party.

Barry Zito: After spraining his ankle during a rehab start, his return to the Giants has been delayed – so, their playoff chances just got better.

No mo LoMo: When asked about demoting outfielder Logan Morrison for his Twitter use, 80-year-old Marlins manager Jack McKeon said, “What is an Internet?”

Extra innings

NFL Preseason: After months of bickering like the Real Housewives, the owners and players have air-kissed and made up and now it’s time for a mani/pedi.

Tiger Woods: He didn’t make the cut at the PGA Championship and now his future is uncertain – except for absurd wealth, trashy women and Valtrex.

Contributors: Zach Pennington, Nick Astrupgaard, Justin Workman, Brian Solari

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