Could Boston sign both Tim Hudson and Brian McCann?

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Braves fans can only hope this isn’t the last they’ll see of Tim Hudson.

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It didn’t take long for the rumor mill to heat up and, in some cases, it’s starting to boil. While there is nothing to say anything is close, Tim Hudson and Brian McCann have certainly been on the hot stove for many teams and writers over the past few days. Hudson and McCann both played for the Atlanta Braves in 2013.

Go on right now and search Tim Hudson. You’ll see a dozen articles on Hudson rumors, and there’s a dozen different teams interested in him. Some have called, some have meetings set up.

The one intriguing rumor floating around is the Boston Red Sox. It’s been viewed since mid-summer that Boston would go hard for Brian McCann and, so far, that’s holding true. McCann would be reunited with former backup David Ross. They are still good friends. Ross is also pretty good friends with Hudson, as well.

It makes perfect sense. The Braves aren’t going to come close to matching the salary the Red Sox will offer McCann, and the Braves will only hope Hudson will take his 10th discounted year. Jon Heyman reports it’ll be tough for him to leave the Braves, given that he has family there. But, how about the chance to pitch to the same two catchers he is already accustomed to, two good friends, and a chance to win a World Series? Boston just won. Isn’t that too much to pass up? To top it off, he’ll make more money.

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