What the Red Sox Have to Improve If They Want to be Contenders in 2024

In the shadow of Fenway Park, whispers and speculations about the upcoming season for the Boston Red Sox fill the air. Fans, analysts, and sports enthusiasts are eager to see the changes the team will make to enhance their chances of reaching the postseason and representing the American League in the World Series.

Let’s delve deep into the roster, potential trades, signings, and decisions that could set the tone for the 2024 season.

The Locked-In Players

One cannot overlook the strength the Red Sox have in their lineup for the upcoming season. Six position players, a mix of power hitters and defensive specialists, are all set to take the field and make an impact.

The Secure Six

Triston Casas at first base, Trevor Story holding down shortstop, Rafael Devers dominating at third, Connor Wong behind the plate, Jarren Duran sprinting in the outfield, and Masataka Yoshida with the flexibility to shine in left field or as a DH. These six form the core, bringing stability and flair to the team.

Filling the Gaps

However, there are still some gaps that need to be addressed. The Red Sox need to ensure a harmonious balance in their lineup, making sure every position is adequately filled with a player who can deliver both defensively and offensively.

The DH Dilemma

Justin Turner is a strong candidate to re-sign and comfortably slide into the DH spot. With Turner locking that position, Yoshida would naturally return to left, adding depth to the outfield.

The Second Base Situation

The acquisition of Luis Urías could potentially provide a solution for the second base, especially if he brings the stellar form from 21 and 22. Although Marcelo Mayer is on the horizon, if Urías becomes consistent, he could well hold down the 8 or 9 spot in the lineup.

Outfield Uncertainty

One position that sparks numerous debates and discussions among fans is the final outfield spot. The Red Sox have to make a critical decision, and it will undoubtedly have a significant impact on their 2024 campaign.

The Alex Verdugo Problem

Verdugo’s current situation with the Sox is less than ideal. He underperformed last season and had disciplinary incidents, so his presence in the 2024 roster seems increasingly uncertain. The Red Sox will likely try to trade him, as he’s entering the final year of his contract. 

With a rather dry free agent class, it’ll be up to new Chief Baseball Officer Craig Breslow to think outside the box and perhaps promote a talent like Cedanne Rafaela to solidify the outfield.

The Bullpen As a Bright Spot

Relief pitching is often the difference between a win and a loss in tight games. Fortunately for the Red Sox, their bullpen seems promising, requiring only slight tweaks.

Enhancing an Already Strong Pen

A couple of astute moves, and the bullpen is set to be one of the Red Sox’s major strengths in the upcoming season.

Starting Rotation Revisions

The heartbeat of any baseball team lies in its starting rotation. The Red Sox have a blend of experience and youthful exuberance, but is it enough to contend for the title?

The Existing Rotation

Brayan Bello, a potential Chris Sale return, James Paxton (subject to his decision to accept the qualifying offer), and a mix of Tanner Houck, Kutter Crawford, Garrett Whitlock, and Nick Pivetta comprise the current rotation. To say it needs bolstering would be an understatement.

Potential Signings and Trade

There’s chatter about acquiring young controlled starters, with Dylan Cease being a name tossed around. A dip into the free agent pool for talents like Julio Urías, Aaron Nola, or Jordan Montgomery is also a tantalizing prospect. But the best option might come from across the Pacific.

The Yoshinobu Yamamoto Proposition

The solution to the Red Sox’s starting rotation might lie thousands of miles away in Japan. A pitcher who’s been setting the NPB alight could be the perfect fit for Boston.

Yamamoto’s Brilliance

Yoshinobu Yamamoto, only 25, is turning heads in the NPB. He’s on the cusp of securing the pitching triple crown for the third consecutive season and he’s clinched the Pacific League MVP twice. Furthermore, his past as Masataka Yoshida’s teammate could be an added advantage in luring him to Fenway Park.

The AL East Challenge

For those looking to wager with Massachusetts sportsbooks, the Red Sox will have to compete in one of baseball’s hardest divisions with rivals like the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto Blue Jays and their archrivals, the New York Yankees.

Each game in this division carries added weight, making roster decisions even more critical. The Red Sox must outmaneuver all these teams to reach the postseason.

Final Thoughts

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As the 2024 season looms on the horizon, the Red Sox stand poised at an undeniable crossroads. The shadow of Fenway Park waits in anticipation as every decision in the offseason will echo throughout the year, shaping the destiny of the team.

With a rich history of triumphs and heartbreaks, the expectations from fans, players, and analysts are monumental. Will the Red Sox emerge as the phoenix, reborn and recharged, ready to contend for the World Series? Or will they find themselves mired in the challenges of a competitive AL East?

The blend of locked-in talent, potential signings, trade prospects, and even the Yoshinobu Yamamoto proposition all hint at a season bursting with potential. Yet, baseball is unpredictable, and the tiniest shift can change the trajectory.

One thing, however, remains irrefutably clear: the upcoming season promises suspense, excitement, and an enthralling ride that every Fenway Park faithful will be deeply invested in.

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