2011 top-10 things to watch for

During the offseason, many devoted baseball fans stay updated on Major League trade news. With many players, coaches, and writers now using services like Twitter, Facebook, and various blog sites, it’s near impossible not to hear at least a few of the major headlines of the day. But every offseason there are at least a few major news items that seem to slip by the public. Keep an eye out for these stories as we advance through preseason play:

1. Outfield/DH combo Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon split Tampa clubhouse on one major decision: Who is the greatest Red Sox player of all time, Ted Williams or Manny Ramirez?

2. After years of playing in the Cactus League, the Florida humidity seeps through Vladimir Guerrerro’s batting practice pants and softens the concrete blocks that replaced his useless legs before the 2009 season, effectively ending his career.

3. Ken Griffey Jr. found sleeping in Cincinnati clubhouse, once again told to go home.

4. Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez earns 15 wins in Cactus League play, surpassing his win total from the 2010 regular season, earning him an automatic second Cy Young Award.

5. Oakland pitcher Andrew Bailey traded to local middle school for prospects.

6. Ben Roethlisberger purchases Pittsburgh Pirates, remakes PNC Park into a college bar.

7. Rockies manager Jim Tracy begins throwing golf balls to players during batting practice to simulate batting at Coors Field.

8. Angels fans, frustrated with having two cities in their official team name, demand team be renamed “Walt Disney’s California Baseball Adventure.”

9. Royals fans, upset about Zach Greinke’s recent trade to Milwaukee, quoted as saying: “There’s still a baseball team in Kansas City?”

10. Barry Bonds demands 2010 World Series ring, stating repeatedly that he never retired.

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