Touring with Taylor: From Redbirds to Halos, Albert will still be Albert

Dan Taylor

Ten years and $250 million, huh? The latest deal struck by the Angels and Albert Pujols is simply mind blowing. I still remember the day that A-Rod struck his deal with the Yankees, which made him the richest player in the history and the game. Wow — $250 million! Sorry, I just cannot seem to wrap my head around that absurd amount of money. Do you realize how many things you can buy with $1 million let alone $25 million a year? Granted, the taxes on $25 million alone is outrageous, but still, holy cow!

Personally, I was hoping Albert stayed in St. Louis because I grew up being a Cardinal fan. And let’s be honest, nobody wants to face Albert, so, as Cardinal fan, having him in our lineup was fantastic. Now, some people may be a little less understanding when players pick up and leave from somewhere that has been so good to them for so long. However, I want to remind you of this: Almost 99 percent of all players are not born and raised in the areas in which they play. So, why do people always complain about player loyalty and the lack there of?

The Cardinals absolutely gave Albert the opportunity to play and develop into the icon he is today, but who is to say another team would not have done the same thing if the Cardinals had passed on him? The exact same concept goes for me with the Diamondbacks. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of the Diamondbacks and everything they represent; but I did not grow up an Arizona fan, so I can’t say I am a D-backs fan through and through. Sometimes in life, there are just moves that have to be made to help define certain people. Would we like to see players stay and complete iconic careers in the places they started like Jeter will and Ripken did? Without a doubt we do!

Do not misplace, though, that the truly great players can go anywhere and be successful. It is not the city that makes the player, it’s his ability to hit the ball or to throw strikes. Just as players have done for decades, they will move on, continue to make plays and continue to make us come back to watch them night after night.

Still though, $25 million a year!

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