WDIV in Detroit remembers Alex Rodriguez … I mean, Nelson Mandela

Source: WDIV-TV (NBC)
What does a Bronx Bomber have in common with a South African president? Nothing, idiots!

In case you are under a sheet of ice, like me in North Texas, barreling through traffic on your way to work or still in a haze from whatever you were doing last night, you may have missed this gem from WDIV-TV (NBC) in Detroit.

As you will note from the inane graphic above and the even more eye-friendly video below, NBC’s WDIV-TV somehow confused the look, legacy and friggin’ spelling of horse-roids-using-fool Alex Rodriguez with one of the most respected stalwarts for the oppressed in this — or any — century, South African President and Nobel Peace Prizer recipient Nelson Mandela.

Must be the … well, who the hell knows. But someone needs to watch more news, less baseball and be fired. Oy!

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