2011 Rookie Hazing: The best of the best

It’s a Sunday and most of you are probably getting your chair ready for some football. You’ve got your chips and salsa ready, hamburgers and hot dogs, and your cooler full of cheap beer. For those baseball fans of the Braves, Cardinals, Rays, Boston, and the Angels, you’re probably at least keeping an eye on the games today.

I stumbled across a few pictures that made me laugh (don’t ask me how I found them) but it gave me a thought for an article idea. Let’s take a look at some of the best 2011 rookie hazing photos and then examine some of the best of all time.

The Tampa Bay Rays apparently went out to a Halloween store and purchased $100 worth of outfits. Its been said that some might have took it a little too far.
Michael Cuddyer of the Twins posted a Twitter picture of the annual September rookie dress up day. I see they found the humor in dressing up an Asian person as a sumo wrestler.
For those that have wondered what Stephen Strasburg would look like as a Papa Smurf, here you go. For those that wanted to see a $5 bill hanging out of Smurfette Wilson Ramos‘ pants, well it’s here, but seek some help. For some great commentary and more pictures of the Nationals rookies, click here.
Staff writer, Dean Harakas, posted Mike Trout as Lady Gaga on his website, NoPepperPlaying.com. There is more over there for you Angels fans.
The Toronto Blue Jays have a promising future thanks to young players like catcher J.P. Arencibia (left) and third baseman Brett Lawrie (right).
Ever wanted to see David Price as a … lady?

Ok, I need to get going, it’s time for some Football.

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