2014 MLB postseason predictions: No clear-cut favorites

2014 MLB postseason predictionsFirst pitch of the 2014 MLB postseason gets underway at 8:07 tonight with the Oakland A’s and Kansas City Royals in the AL Wild Card Game.

That means it’s time for 2014 MLB postseason predictions.

Twenty-two intrepid TTFB writers spent the last day gazing into their crystal balls to determine their playoff prognostications.

The only overwhelming favorites are the Dodgers and Nationals to advance to the NLCS. The Angels and Tigers are slight favorites to advance to the ALCS, but the Orioles and A’s got a lot of love, too. The World Series is a toss-up according to TTFB writers, with the Nationals, Dodgers and Angels each getting five votes, while the A’s tallied four votes to win it all.

Individual picks appear in the chart below. Here are the collective picks per round with the number of writers selecting that team in parenthesis:

AL Wild Card

A’s (14), Royals (8)


NL Wild Card

Giants (11), Pirates (11)



Angels (11), A’s (8), Royals (3)

Tigers (13), Orioles (9)



Nationals (20), Pirates (2), Giants (0)

Dodgers (18), Cardinals (4)



Angels (7), Tigers (7), A’s (4), Royals (3), Orioles (1)



Dodgers (10), Nationals (8), Pirates (2), Cardinals (2)


World Series

Nationals (5), Dodgers (5), Angels (5), A’s (4), Tigers (2), Royals (1)

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