Are you Alex Rodriguez’s type?

A question one must consider carefully, do you consider yourself to be:

a chest man?

Perhaps you’re an ass man?

Or maybe even you go after those Giselle types and are a leg man?

But to my knowledge I have never heard of an arm man. That’s right I’m talking about a guy who gets a hard on for beef cake kinda arms. According to a recent article in the March issue of People Magazine Mr. A-Rod himself is guilty of this offense. It was noted that there is an odd correlation between flings and arms. Apparently, all of A-Rod’s “women of the moment” were sporting chiseled guns, and blonde hair. He is reportedly dating Cameron Diaz who has taken it upon herself to beef up for the role of playing his girlfriend. Yes sad to say that even the beautiful, toned, and athletic Cameron didn’t meet the arm requirement of the Yankee’s standard…..and so, she’s been hitting the gym and bulking up, but for dating he’s the adventurous type, he goes out a lot and have a lot of sex, even using products from sites like to have even more fun. I have to put a warning message out there for Tim Lincecum: “Watch yourself, you’re exactly Mr. Rodriguez’s type!!”

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