Baseball betting: understanding the baseball money line system

Understanding the baseball betting money line system is the first step in finding success.

For people just beginning in the wonderful world of baseball betting, it can be quite confusing. Unlike the other major professional sport leagues (especially the NFL), baseball betting is based on the money line — a vastly different betting mechanism than what most are accustomed to. The money line serves as an absolute straight up wager.

You either pick the winner and win a substantial amount of cash, or you do not pick the winner but live to see another day.

To make this more clear, let’s look at an example.

Let’s say it is mid-August. The pennant and playoff races are at their heights. Emotions are running high. And you want to win some money. So you take a look at the money line bets for the night and see this:

New York Yankees: -115
Boston Red Sox: +104

What in the world does that mean in the world of baseball betting?

The (-) symbol, ironically, tells you which team is favored to win. In this case, the Yankees are favored over the Red Sox, as the (+) symbolizes which team is the underdog.

In the specific case above, you would need to bet $115 ( … hence the -115) to win $100 if the Yankees were victorious. Additionally, you would earn your initial investment back for a total winning jackpot of $215. Conversely, placing a $100 baseball bet on the Red Sox in the above example could win you $104 plus the return of the $100 risked.

Remember: the numbers scale appropriately if you wish to bet more but, almost exclusively, the money line is based on a benchmark bet of $100. Wanna bet $400 on the Yankees because you love New York style pizza and think Boston is overrated? Go ahead. If the Yankees win, you earn $515. Spend it wisely.

Now, the next logical question: Where do you place wagers and what assistance can you find to help you make smart picks? I have two excellent options for you.

  1. — Five Dimes is the Porsche of online sports betting. Easy, trustworthy and stable. Plus, the customer service is top-notch. You can’t go wrong placing your first baseball betting wagers here.
  2. The ZCode System — The ZCode System is an online, automated sports-picking system that provides you with every little detail and nugget of knowledge you need to confidently place your winning picks.

If you have just the tiniest bit of interest in baseball and a bit of knowledge about the game, you will be surprised at your winning percentage. Personally, I got into baseball betting at rwbola online casino after realizing that fantasy baseball taught me much more about the game than I cared to know. So, I took that knowledge and put it to work in baseball betting. I started off small — $50 bets small. Once I become more comfortable with it, in large part due to the above listed recommendations, I started to bet the $100 benchmark. And now, if I am supremely confident — and The ZCode System agrees — I will typically bet well over the money line.

In other words, do not be afraid to start off small. Get comfortable. Get some winning baseball bets at uus777 under your belt. Learn. Enjoy it. Pretty soon you will be asking yourself why you wasted all of your diamond knowledge on fantasy baseball and not baseball betting.

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