Baseball contest: Enter multiple times to win tickets, book

Look for this photo when searching!

TTFB baseball contests are back! There will be two winners for this contest and only one prize per person. (Translation: You can’t win both prizes.) The prizes are $25 Gift Card to Seat Crunch, our ticket provider. These guys are awesome and have spring training tickets available as well as season tickets. The second prize is a free book called “Who’s on First?” that features 40 fun-filled pages of iconic comedians Abbott and Costello. Check out the link to see the book and what it has to offer, but it’s free, so what does it matter, right?

Some great prizes here, and boy do we have an interesting contest for our fans. For those fans looking to play some fantasy baseball, we still have spots open on our fantasy leagues. Winners receive cash! But, I digress.

Here’s how to enter this baseball contest, and there are unlimited entries unless otherwise noted. You can choose which way you want to enter or enter each way for maximum entries. We use a random number generator to choose the winners. Contest starts Tuesday, February 26, at 5:00 p.m. ET ends Friday March 1 at midnight ET. Nothing will be accepted before or after those dates/times.

Find our Facebook Page.

  1. Share our page on your wall — earns you three entries; max of three per day.
  2. Find the picture on this page on our Facebook wall, share it — four entries; can only count one share.
  3. Like a post during the contest — one entry; unlimited likes, but posts must but new from 2/26 till 3/1.
  4. Comment on a post during the contest — one entry; unlimited, but one entry per post and between 2/26 and 3/1.
  5. Share any article posted 2/26 to 3/1 — one entry; one per post between 2/26 and 3/1.

*Please note: If you have privacy settings that block others from seeing what you share, we may not be able to see your shares. Therefore, please email us.

Find our Twitter Page.

  1. Retweet any new article posted between 2/26 and 3/1 — one entry; one per post
  2. Retweet any post from us promoting this contest — two entries; one per new RT from us.
  3. Tweet an article and say something nice about it. Be sure to include us @TTFBaseball — two entries; four entries per day.

Find our Google Plus Page.

  1. Find this post on our feed and +1 it — one entry only
  2. Find this post on our feed and share it — two entries only; only one share allowed
  3. +1 any new article from 2/26 and 3/1 — one entry only

Follow our new Google Plus Baseball Community. Receive five entries. Only available to new followers.

Find our Pinterest Page.

  1. Find the photo displayed on this page on our board and repin it — three entries; use only once
  2. Follow our page — five entries; only available to new followers

Sounds like a scavenger hunt, huh? So, get sharing, tweeting, plus(ing) and pinning for your chance to win TTFB’s baseball contest.


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