Before opening day, comes opening bets!

Wagering on MLB on a day to day basis is one thing, wagering on the MLB future is another. Below I will prepare you to go into the season ahead of the first toss starting with the American League…

American League East

Baltimore Orioles +2250
Boston Red Sox -220
New York Yankees +125
Tampa Bay Rays +900
Toronto Blue Jays +1250

The Oddsmakers got this one right. Look for the Red Sox to jump out of the gate early this season with a healthy proven line up. The Red Sox should take the east by at least 6.5 games over the New York Yankees. The starting rotation and the massive bats the sox obtained plus a rebuilt and polished bullpen are all they are going to need to regain the east.

American League Central

Chicago White Sox +125
Cleveland Indians +2250
Detroit Tigers +130
Kansas City Royals +2250
Minnesota Twins +140

Three teams clustered together is no surprise in the AL central. This will be a three horse race for the entire 162 game campaign, but look for the Detroit tigers to be on top when the smoke clears. A big addition to the batting order in Victor Martinez and a pitching staff more then capable of keeping this high powered offense in every game they play. Grab Detroit to win the central by 3 games over the Twins.

American League West

Los Angeles Angels +275
Oakland Athletics +180
Seattle Mariners +2500
Texas Rangers -180

Take my advice, in sports wagering when the heart and the brain fight always let the wallet win! My heart says Oakland day in and day out they have an excellent offense and a pitching staff that could quite possibly be 2nd in the AL by the all start break. However the team to beat will remain the Texas Rangers with an unrivaled batting order that will produce more than enough runs to make-up for the lack of a solid pitching rotation.

American League Wild Card

The wild card no surprise will come out of the AL east in the form of the New York Yankees. Although a very sleepy off season for the media deemed “evil empire”, the Yankees are still going to 90+ win team this season with a big enough surge after the all-star break to narrowly edge out the Twins for the 4th playoff spot in the American League.

Betting on the Future of MLB is always a risk. I can predict small injuries from the usual suspects and I can use my knowledge to foresee a few slumps but there is no way to predict team ending injuries like the Red Sox faced last season. With that being said place your bets on the upcoming season and wait patiently for October to come.

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