Best Baseball Songs: The Definitive List

Baseball songs and baseball go together like American and apple pie. Baseball is clearly America’s pastime and one of the most popular and beloved sports in the world.

And, when people love something, they tend to write songs about it. Because of this, there are dozens and dozens of songs about the game of baseball and its place in society.

With that said, lets count down the 23 best baseball songs ever written.

#23. “Catfish” by Bob Dylan

‘Catfish’, from Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer Bob Dylan, is about former Oakland A’s and Yankees pitcher Catfish Hunter. Although Dylan recorded the song in 1975, it did not release until the Bootleg Series in 1991. By that time, Catfish Hunter was already a member of Cooperstown.

#22. “Subway” by Jim Nizzo

‘Subway’ by Jim Nizzo came out in 1988. The song is about New York baseball and the Subway Series between the Yankees and the Mets. ‘Subway’ is a lowkey song about baseball but is very underrated, thus earning a spot on our list.

#21. “1976” by The Baseball Project

‘1976’ from The Baseball Project came out in 2011. This song is a tribute to Detroit Tiger pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych who passed away. The “Bird” made a name for himself in the summer of 1976.

#20. “The Greatest” by Kenny Rodgers

‘The Greatest’ by Kenny Rodgers was released in 1998. The song is about a young boy and his imagination. In the song, the boy keeps trying to throw a ball up into the air and giving it a whack with a bat.

#19. “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” by Chuck Berry

“Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” by Chuck Berry was released in 1957. In the final verse, Berry sings “When that brown-eyed handsome mans wins the game with a homerun.” Baseball and music fans alike are not sure who Berry is referencing, but good guesses are Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, or Jackie Robinson. Berry leaves the player up to your imagination, which makes the song even better.

#18. “Right Field” by Peter, Paul, and Mary

“Right Field” by Peter, Paul, and Mary was released in 1987. The song is nostalgic, written about a boy playing baseball in right field while watching the dandelions grow.

#17. “Dock Ellis” by S.F. Seals

“Dock Ellis” by SF Seals was released in 1994. This psychedelic song is about pitcher Dock Ellis, who pitched a no-hitter on acid after staying up all night partying. Although the song is about a specific game, Ellis says he played every game under the influence of some type of drug.

#16. “Joltin Joe DiMaggio” by the Les Brown Orchestra

This song by the Les brown Orchestra was released in 1941. At the time, DiMaggio was already a baseball legend after his 56-game hitting streak.

#15. “Sure Shot” by the Beastie Boys

Released in 1994, the Beastie Boys sing, “I got made hits like Rod Carew.” This is, of course, a reference to Carew being one of the best hitters of the 1970s.

#14. “Cheap Seats” by Alabama

“Cheap Seats” by legendary band Alabama was released in 1993. The song is a shoutout to minor league team. The band sings about being in a small town, where they do not know any of the players, nor do they care about who is winning. The simply want to go to the game for a good time.

#13. “Chocolate Starberry” by Darryl Strawberry

This hilarious song is from Mets’ player Darryl Strawberry, who released it in 1996.

#12. “Tessie” by the Dropkick Murphys

“Tessie” by the Dropkick Murphys was released in 2004. The song features backup vocals from Red Sox players and went on to become a rallying cry for Boston fans. The song must have been good luck, as it was released the same year the Red Sox broke the curse.

#11. “Cubs in Five” by The Mountain Goats

“Cubs in Five” by the Mountain Goats came out in 1995. In this song, the Mountain Goat singer promises he will never love again until the Cubbies win the World Series. He can, obviously, love again.

Best Baseball Songs: The Top 10

#10. “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball” by Woodrow Buddy Johnson

Release in 1949, this song is about Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson’s first game in the Majors.

#9. “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen

Released in 1984, this song is about a high school pitchers who throws an outstanding “speed ball” … whatever that is, Bruce.

#8. “All The Way” by Eddie Vedder

This song, released in 2007, is about the Chicago Cubs who made the playoffs but were quickly eliminated in the first round. Eddie sings about how they will eventually win the World Series.

#7. “Bill Lee” by Warren Zevon

Bill Lee was a baseball player in the 1970s who was a bit of an outlaw. One of his favorite artist just happened to be Warren Zevon, who penned this tune in his honor.

#6. “Say Hey” by the Treniers

Released in the 1950s, this baseball song classic is about Willie Mays in his hay day.

Best Baseball Songs: The Top 5

#5. “I’m Shiping Up To Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys

Released in 2006, this song was the walkout song for Red Sox pitcher Johnathan Papelbon. Like the earlier Dropkick Murphys song, this one also became a rallying cry for Red Sox fans.

#4. “The Saga of Dandy, the Devil, and Day” by Ultramagnetic MC’s

Released in 1993, this song gives a shoutout to Negro League legends Josh Gibson, Satchel Paige, Leon Day, and Cool Papa Bell.

#3. “Hank Greenburg and Jackie Robinson” by the Tinklers

This song, released in 1994, celebrates Jewish player Hank Greenburg and segregation-ending Jackie Robinson.

#2. “Centerfield” by John Fogerty

Release in 1985, this song has been a long-time hit. It became so famous, in fact, that it was officially honor by the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010.

#1. “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” by Jack Norworth

Enough said.

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