The 5 Best Youth Baseball Cleats: Our Ultimate List [Updated for 2022]

Being able to dress your little baseball superstar in the best youth baseball cleats is important for two very significant reasons.

First, investing in high-quality youth baseball cleats will help protect your child from unfortunate injuries like twisted or turned ankles. Moreover, as we will discuss later in this article, high-quality youth baseball cleats also provide exceptional cleats, thus increased grip, compared to lower value cleats that might seem like good financial deals, but really are not.

Second, there is the old adage: look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.

It might seem vain, but putting your son or daughter onto the diamond with the best youth baseball cleats will allow them to feel like a true professional baseball player. And, when that happens, confidence can carry them a long way in achieving on-field success.

Best Youth Baseball Cleats: Our Best Value Pick

  1. Under Armor: Child Leadoff Junior Baseball Cleat

What we like: Extremely lightweight, coming in at just 16 ounces.
What we don’t: Front toe-kick is likely to begin cracking in one to two seasons but does not impact use.
Items of note: Reports of sizing being on the small side.

Under Armour Boy's Leadoff Low RM Jr. Baseball Shoe, Black (002)/White, 4 Big Kid
  • Synthetic upper is lightweight & durable with perforations in the toe box for added breathability
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05/12/2022 12:05 am GMT

In our list of best youth baseball cleats, the Under Armor Child Leadoff Junior Baseball Cleats are in a class to themselves when it comes to value. Because of the synthetic composition of the cleat, the final product is extremely lightweight (as mentioned above), weighing just an incredible 16 ounces.

To help achieve this lightweight youth baseball cleat, Under Armor also included unique perforations in the toe area of the shoe that not only provides breathability for the child wearing the cleat but allowed for even less use of material, helping result in the lightweight product.

That said, while the perforations are an extremely nice added touch for both breathability and weight, it also means the durability of the cleat is slightly compromised. As mentioned above in the “What we don’t like” section, the area of perforation in the toe area is linked to multiple accounts of cracks forming in just one or two seasons of use (depending on how quickly your child’s feet grow).

In adult baseball cleats, this would be an absolute dealbreaker.

But, in youth baseball cleats, the formation of these cracks is not an as big concern since it is likely your child will get just one or two seasons of use out of the cleat before outgrowing them anyways. On the other hand, if you intend to pass these youth baseball cleats down to younger siblings, you should be concerned about the formation of cracks in the toe perforations.

From a protection standpoint, the Under Armor Leadoff Junior Baseball Cleats include a double-overlay on the toe cap (which is a unique feature among the youth baseball cleats we are featuring as the best for 2022). The included double-overlay will protect your child’s toe from damage if another player steps on the child’s foot with another pair of cleats.

The addition of the double-overlay for toe protection is especially important for any youth baseball player likely to play first base.

Of note, it seems the Under Armor Leadoff Junior Baseball Cleats run on the small size, despite whatever type of fitting chart you see provided by UA. It is important to order one size up from typical to hopefully get the right fit on your first try.

Best Youth Baseball Cleats: Our High-End Pick

  1. Adidas Icon V Baseball Cleats

What we like: Molded for extreme durability, meaning more bang for your buck.
What we don’t: It is almost a crossover cleat for baseball and soccer.
Items of note: Reports of sizing being on the small side.

High-End Pick
Adidas Youth Icon V Md Cleat Baseball Shoes Black/White 5.5
  • Adidas Youth Icon V Md Cleat Baseball Shoes Black/White 5.5
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A fully-molded youth baseball clear, the Adidas Icon V provides extreme durability. It is unlikely to tear, rip, or otherwise fall apart no matter how hard your youth baseball player goes. While the price tag for the Adidas Icon V is a bit higher than the other youth baseball cleats on our list, it is almost a certainty that you will get the longest life out of them compared to others.

As well, the Adidas Icon V youth baseball cleats have a padded and grooved tongue to provide outstanding breathability. Unlike the above Under Armor Leadoff Junior cleats, the addition of breathability technology into the cleat’s tongue means that there is less of a chance of breakdown or cracking like reported in the Under Armor cleats.

The Adidas Icon V also includes an IRONSKIN seamless printed toe cap that not only protects the toe area from abrasion but also protects the child’s toes.

On the other hand, the design of the Adidas ICON V closely resembles that of a youth soccer shoe because of the slim width of the design. While this may not be a terrible thing if your child plans on playing both baseball and soccer, it does provide challenges in terms of proper fit. Because of the slim design, be sure to purchase at least one size bigger than usually needed.

Best Youth Baseball Cleats: Our Top Pick

  1. New Balance Kid’s 4040 V5 Molded Baseball Cleat

What we like: One of the only youth baseball cleats on the market with a “wide foot” option.
What we don’t: New Balance did away with mesh design in 2021, resulting in a “hot shoe.”
Items of note: Report of cleat’s spikes wearing faster than usual.

New Balance Kid's 4040 V5 Molded Baseball Shoe, Black/White Camo, 4.5 M US Big Kid (8-12 Years)
  • Perforated synthetic upper offers increased breathability and a lightweight feel
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The New Balance 4040 youth baseball cleats are extremely unique in the marketplace, as they are one of the few to actually provide a wide option.

The cleats are 100% synthetic and include a rubber sole, which may be the only significant issue with these cleats. As you can imagine, the rubber sole – as opposed to the composition of the soles in the other youth baseball cleats listed here – is likely to wear down at a faster rate.

But, as mentioned, the wear and tear of youth baseball cleats are not a huge deal since it is likely they are only going to fit your child for a year or two anyway.

The upper portion of the shoe is perforated, to allow for increased breathability and a lightweight feel. However, it is important to note that New Balance stopped producing the 4040 youth baseball cleat with mesh in 2021. This model, new for 2022, is a hard-sided shoe. This switch is likely why New Balance started to offer wide-width options, but the hard-sided shoe – despite the perforations – does increase the amount of heat and sweat inside the cleat.

In terms of safety, the New Balance 4040’s include a lace closure technology that not only provides a snug and secure fit but provides safety from twisted or turned ankles.

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What are the various styles of youth baseball cleats?

While there are tons of different factors, the main difference in styles is high-top, mid-top, or low-top cleats.

What type of youth baseball cleats are correct for specific positions?

Pitchers, infielders, and catchers typically prefer metal cleats, as they can more easily dig into and push off the dirt.

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