Bold Prediction: Berrios For the Cy Young Award?

Yes, the season is still young and a lot can change.

But, Jose Berrios’ first three starts this season have been the type of thing legends are made from.

Look at his stat line:

  • K:BB – 24:1
  • 10.45 K/9
  • WHIP – 0.63
  • OPP – .187
  • 1 CGSO
  • Plus he devoured the soul of Jose Fernandez

Just take at this video of all his Ks against the Chicago White Sox.  I mean, his “rising” fastball is just stupid — you simply cannot make contact with it.  His curve might be one of the scariest in the game, too.

Look for yourself:

Is it too early to make the argument that Berrios is a favorite to win the Cy Young?

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