Braves fallout: Wren, Fredi apparently not on same page

Fredi Gonzalez and Frank Wren need to get on the same page. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

I think Frank Wren is finally taking control and tightening the reigns on “his” team. After Fredi Gonzalez came out the other day stating all of his coaches would be back in 2012, Wren apparently didn’t agree. Wren announced hitting coach Larry Parrish would not be retained and that Derek Lowe, at the moment, does not fit in to next year’s starting rotation plans. He also mentioned Jason Heyward will have to fight for a starting OF job next spring.

Kudos Wren.

What does all this mean? After the Bobby Cox-John Shuerholtz era, Wren is officially starting to say, “We’re going to do it my way.” And I like it. Do I agree with every move he’s made? No. But he has put his stamp on this team, and I like his attitude and the direction moving in to the future.

He is stepping out from the shadow of Cox and Shuerholtz and letting it be known that last week’s collapse means no one is safe. People need to be accountable and well … just perform. Simple as that.

So, as we try to drink ourselves away after last week (What? Diet Squirt people!), I’m getting a new sense that the old regime is moving toward a (hopefully) Brave New World.

The 2012 season will be interesting as the Braves try to fight to get to the playoffs with a mostly young team and a bright future. All in all, I like the chances of this soon-to-be-new-look Braves being competitive. And if Fredi can avoid being a scared little school girl and fire this team up, 2012 could be the start of something fun.


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  1. Atta boy Wren. Braves fans need to know that SOMETHING is being done about what happened over the last month. Say what you want about injuries but with everyone talking about how loaded the farm system is with great arms, the Braves should have been able to protect a 10 game lead over the last month of the season. And the bats went ice cold during the last month too; that includes everyone in the lineup. Even McCann was awful down the stretch. Hopefully they reload and get their heads on straight for next season because this one was tough to stomach. Whether it’s Wren or Gonzalez who steps up and makes the changes, they just need to be made.

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