Can Robinson Cano break Joe D’s 56-game hit streak record?

Robinson Cano celebrates his ninth-inning home run on Friday in Oakland. He picked up two hits in the game to extended his hit streak to 23 games.(Lance Iversen, The San Francisco Chronicle)

The New York Yankees are rich in history and records. Robinson Cano can soon be on his way to adding his name to the records list.

In 1941, “Joltin” Joe DiMaggio hit consecutively in 56 straight games.

In 2012, Robinson Cano has hit in 23 games consecutively (including Friday’s game).

In my profile bio, you will see that I answered the most unbreakable record in all of sports with Joe D’s 56-game hit streak. I truly believe that it’s the hardest record to break. To get a hit in 56 straight games is truly ridiculous.

Think about it, he’s the only player in major league history (as noted by ever to reach 50+ consecutive games. Only five other players reached 40+ consecutive games: Willie Keeler (45), Pete Rose (44), Bill Dahlen (42), George Sisler (41) and Ty Cobb (40).

In the past 20 years, 15 players have hit in 30 consecutive games. Last year, two players accounted for a 30- and 33-game hit streaks respectively (Andre Ethier and Dan Uggla).

No Yankee has come close to this record. To think the streak is impossible is reasonable, but, with the right player, it could be accomplished.

Cano is having quite possibly the best season of his career. Cano also could be the hottest hitter in baseball over the past two months. He hit .340 in June, and during his current 23-game hit streak he is batting .404 with six home runs, 21 runs batted in and 14 runs scored.

If Cano can get to 28 games, I really, really think he can reach it. He has, in my opinion, the best swing in all of baseball and could be on his way to an MVP trophy.

If you asked me at the beginning of the season to name five players that could break this streak, I probably couldn’t name five, but I would definitely name Cano as one of them.

I feel he has the tools and ability to break this unbreakable record. He has an effortless but smooth and effective swing. He plays hard every game. He loves the game of baseball. And If there’s one guy in baseball that could snap DiMaggio’s streak, it would be Cano.

He is the unquestionable best player on the Yankees, and will be for many more years to come. Every year, Cano seems to get better and better. From the day he was called up to replace Tony Womack (wow), Yankee fans knew they had something special. He was raw back then but has improved and matured tremendously.

Cano got off to a rough start in April, batting .267 with one home run and four runs runs batted in. The Yankees were struggling and fans in New York were practically losing their minds.

After a 10-4 win over the Royals on May 6, the Yankees and, subsequently, Cano seemed to turn it all around. He was batting .255 going into that game and the Yankees were 14-12.

Since then, the Yankees have gone 43-23, and Cano has raised his average to .321.

There have been many factors in the Yankees’ success this season. Cano has been the main reason.

If Cano can keep up his current rate and keep hitting the cover off the ball, he would reach the 56-game marker either against the Indians, Blue Jays or Orioles. Depending on how many games of rest he may get. If he plays every game, then it would be Saturday, August 25 in Cleveland.

If there is a player to break DiMaggio’s record, it would be amazing to have a Yankee break it. And I would be proud to say it was Cano to do it.

Oh, and to say that I predicted it would be pretty cool, too.

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