Will Colorado Rockies make a pitching move?


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Troy Tulowitzki turns a double play.
Troy Tulowitzki’s return on Thursday was a well-needed boost for the Rockies. (Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

As the Colorado Rockies (44-49) slowly hobble toward the All-Star break, they find themselves drawing too close to the buy or sell mark of the season, and they will have to make a final choice: go big or go home now.

The Colorado Rockies have put up atrocious numbers since their early season run, thudding back to the ground as the mediocre team that general manager Dan O’Dowd has assembled. The Rockies are suffering from batters unable to drive in runs at just about every advantageous time (despite being the sixth-ranked batting lineup), a back end of the pitching rotation that has been insufferable to watch (26th in the league) and a bullpen that has struggled after posting the most innings in baseball a season ago.

Ineptness has become the way of the Colorado Rockies dugout, but it isn’t due to not trying.

Troy Tulowitzki had put up his usual All-Star numbers before going on the DL with a broken rib a month ago. He is back now and went 1-for-4 in his return Thursday night in L.A. Dexter Fowler was absent for a couple weeks and has returned with an 0-for-8 at the plate. Even Carlos Gonzalez is going to miss the Home Run Derby with a finger injury that has stifled his production as of late.

The Colorado Rockies have seen Drew Pomeranz post an 0-3 record since his promotion, Jeff Francis struggled and was demoted, and Roy Oswalt hasn’t won a game. What can the Rockies do to fix their season, only back 4.5 games from first place in the NL West? Make a move; a substantial move.

Ricky Nolasco was targeted and went to the Dodgers. The Colorado Rockies are going to be fighting for scraps soon if they don’t make a move to fix their back-end problems with haste.

Hastiness in dealmaking is not something Dealin’ Dan O’Dowd is known for. The Colorado Rockies will most likely “stand pat” at this baseball poker table and will have to eat a lower return at the turnstiles, concessions and merchandise as the Rockies sink further in the standings and even more in the eyes of the fans.

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