Could MLB Antibody Tests Be A Promising Sign For The Return To Sport?

As we continue to work through the fight against coronavirus, many of us are wondering just how long it will be before there are the signs of some sort of vaccine. Though promising signs are coming from the UK and the US in the form of increased testing, could this be enough to see a return to sport at some point during 2020?

The Effects Of Covid-19 On Sport

At this time, Covid-19 has had a huge impact on a majority of the world’s population as many are experiencing some form of lockdown measure. With this, we have seen the cancellation of concerts and live sporting events around the world. From the NBA, British Premier League and the Olympics to name just a few, there has been a vast amount of lost revenue as a result. With the disease being so easily transmitted between people, the cancellation of these events is one of the easiest ways to stop the disease from being transmitted.

However, with several major sporting officials itching to get back out there and play the remainder of their seasons, there are many of us wondering whether or not that will actually be possible in the latter part of 2020.

The Significance Of An Antibodies Test

However, with a vaccine going into human trials in the UK as well as antibodies test taking place on 27 teams in major league baseball teams, steps are being taken to get us back to a sense of normality. Though, it is important to note that these antibodies tests in the US are just to look at exposure to the virus, not those that have had it. However, it is these tests that can help us to understand the way the virus works and work closer to finding some form of cure. As these tests begin these are helping scientists from Oxford, Cambridge and California to work towards making a vaccine or drug to combat the virus.  

The Return Of The MLB and Other Major Sporting Events

Though these tests are only in the beginning stages of implementation, bookies have begun to take bets on the MLB season and the likelihood of its return. However, fans should not get their hopes up so quickly. In the UK, some premier league clubs are hoping for the return to sport behind closed doors. However, with travel bans still in place and the uncertainty surrounding how the disease affects different people, this may not be likely. The NHL and NBA are also hoping for a return to sporting events at the beginning of June, however, as asymptomatic cases are still present this may not be possible.

The Ongoing Fight Against Asymptomatic Cases

As antibody tests continue, many are wondering what this will help to uncover. With as many as 25% of people being asymptomatic, this is an issue when it comes to containing the virus. This is why a vaccine or antibodies test is needed to ensure that those with the virus are treated. It is this percentage of people that are leading many governments to be hesitant when living any form of social distancing measures. This has, therefore, had a profound effect on sport as many of the leading sports associations have stated that they will not be opening again until it is safe for them to do so.

What Could These Tests Mean For The Fight Against Covid-19

As these tests continue, we will be gaining information on the virus as well as the widespread effects of it. This will not only help to combat the problem of those that are asymptomatic but also provide insight on those that have had it as a result. Until this information has been collected, the WHO and other leading medical officials are hesitant to make any global decisions on changing the way that we as a world begin to combat the virus.

With this in mind, these uncertain times are not only affecting the world of sporting events but also the economy of major world superpowers. But as this continues, could we see the sense of normality as we knew it begins to slip away? And will life ever return to what we see as normal?

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