Most Successful Baseball Players to Pick In Contests

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One of the most popular sports to bet on is baseball. The Major League Baseball season is soon to get underway and millions of Americans will again be placing their wagers on their fancied props and lines as soon as it is under way. Baseball betting odds have the Houston Astros down as favorites for World Series winners in 2023, after winning their second title last season when they beat the Philadelphia Phillies 4-2 in the series. Some of you may be looking for a leg up before you get started and here is where we can help. Lets take a look at the player prop bets which would have been most successful throughout 2022 and whether that could move over to the incumbent season.

Total Strikeouts By A Pitcher – Gerrit Cole (Over)

This may surprise a few. Despite a relatively frustrating season, of Pitchers who played 30+ games Gerrit Cole had the best Strikeouts average at around 7.7 per game. He set a franchise record for strikeouts but curiously also gave up more home runs than any other pitcher in the league. Still, his ability to bounce back from a poor innings to have a near perfect run in the next proved his worth to the New York Yankees. Whilst he impressed with his K%, there are perhaps signs that Cole is on the decline and I would be hesitant to guarantee he can match this in 2023.

Hits Allowed By A Pitcher – Zac Gallen (Under)

This prop is a little harder to gauge than most due to the differentials in games played and started, however we are opting for Zac Gallen with confidence. He averaged a WHIP of 0.91, the lowest of any pitcher with 30+ starts (2nd overall). He has a very strong five pitch mix and has clearly become the ace of the Diamondbacks. He’s now a clear contender for the Cy Young award in 2023 and expect him to carry a great 2022 right over into the new season.

Total Hits By A Player – Freedie Freeman (Over)

Freddie Freeman had yet another outstanding season, proving once again that he is one of the best players in the league. The Dodgers first baseman had the best batting average of players with 150+ games played in the league (2nd overall). He equalled that record for average hits per game averaging around 1.3 by the same metric. The six-time All-Star is near on everything you could possibly want a hitter to be and he will likely continue to be one of the biggest offensive forces in the league in 2023.

Total Runs By A Player – Aaron Judge (Over)

Yeah, not too many surprises here. Aaron Judge had one of the greatest offensive seasons of all time in 2022, the best since Barry Bonds in 2003 to be precise. The league MVP finished the season with 133 runs, 16 ahead of Dodgers pair Freeman and Mookie Betts. He had an average of .84 runs per game, putting him significantly further ahead of all other players with 150+ games played. Judge was the best hitter in the league in 2022 and expect to see him right up there once again in this coming season.

Will A Player Hit A Home Run? – Aaron Judge (Over)Again, no surprises. There is not much more to say that hasn’t already been mentioned in the previous entry. Judge recorded a league leading 62 home runs in 2022, 22 ahead of 2nd placed Mike Trout. He also took the record as the most homers hit in one season by any American League player which had formerly been held by Roger Maris for 61 years. We are going to give an honorable mention to Mike Trout here as well though. His averaged a homer every three games (in fact ever so slightly better than that with 119 games played). He earned a Silver Slugger award and deserves to be recognized for his work.

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