Covering the Detroit Tigers in 2012 was filled with perks

On-field access to a World Series game? Priceless.

The 2012 World Series has come to an end. If you would have asked me if the Detroit Tigers would lose four straight, I would of smiled, laughed and simply said “no.” That was not the case, as the San Francisco Giants made it look easy. As a Tiger fan, I cannot complain. After all, the Detroit Tiger won the American League pennant and clinched the AL Central the last two seasons. With the return of Victor Martinez next season, another playoff run is in the works.

One has to look at the bright spots of 2012, as if making the World Series is not enough. Some people may have heard of this youngster named Miguel Cabrera who happened to win the first Triple Crown since 1967. The last Tiger to win this feat was Ty Cobb way back in 1909. The incredible pitching staff of Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and Doug Fister will return as a potent combination to challenge any lineup. The offseason will also net one or two free agents to solidify an outfield position and new closer role. Other players like Prince Fielder, Phil Coke and Jhonny Peralta will return.

To cover this team in 2012 and to watch them go to the World Series is something I cherish. To stand on the field at game three and four, rub elbows with a celebrity or two is an experience I hope to duplicate next year as well. Growing up a Tiger fan, I was in high school when the Tigers won the 1984 Series. Being in the media, I have had the fortune to interview Dave Rozema, Dan Petry and Dave Bergman from that era. During game three, I stood on the Comerica Park field while the players took batting practice and talked to former Tiger pitcher Jack Morris. I was talking to one of the best pitchers in the ’80s, going to four World Series.

The grind of doing a weekly TV sports show can take its toll, week after week, as you look for things to put in the show. It is also one of the best perks I can think of. Standing on the field during batting practice, seats in the press box, locker room interviews, road trips and four days in spring training each March to see who will make the club. My co-host and myself walk around like zombies wondering if this is real. It is a dream job. One of my favorite moments from the 2012 season is when we were doing an opener for the show during batting practice and Cabrera kicked a baseball at us to distract us. It hit my leg but I continued without missing a beat. Then he went behind our cameraman and made faces until my co-host Kevin gave in. This is what I enjoy. I laugh and realize that I have it good.

So, what can I say about the Tigers losing four straight games in the World Se

ries? It is what it is. They hit a cold streak just like the New York Yankees did when they faced the Tigers. Cold bats, cold offense, cold winter. It is baseball. There is a winner and a loser.

One thing I will take away from the 2012 series is a gold-stamped World Series baseball with Tiger relief pitcher Phil Coke’s signature on it. I will add that to my collection. Priceless. Oh, did I mention I managed to get Jack Morris to sign one, too?

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