Determining The Most Popular and Best Bigs Sunflower Seeds Flavor

Sunflower seeds are one of the most classic foods associated with the game. It often begins with children at the youth level getting sunflower seeds and Gatorade for games. All of the teammates needed to have their own bag of seeds. Players often fought over who had the best flavor and would pest to get a handful of seeds. The initial flavors were Original, Ranch, and BBQ. That is until players began to see Bigs Sunflower Seeds in stores.

As a kid, Bigs had shortly taken over David’s Sunflower Seeds due to their variety of flavors. They were a must-have for all tournament weekends and games during the week. They are continuing to add new flavors and expanding their brand. This leads to the question, what are their best flavors?

Top 5 Bigs Sunflower Seeds Flavors

  1. Vlasic Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds
Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds

Coming from someone who was not a fan of pickles, this flavor is by far the best. The uniqueness of the flavor is something that becomes rather addicting. Given the number of players I still see with Dill Pickle seeds, this flavor is easily Bigs best flavor. The numbers represent this rather easily. On the Bigs website, they have a 4.5-star review. This review does not do this flavor justice. It should have a 5 star review because the recipe is perfect.

2. Old Bay Seasoned Sunflower Seeds

Bigs Old Bay Seasoned Sunflower Seeds

If you like to eat Old Bay wings, sprinkle the seasoning on fries, shrimp, or eggs, then you will enjoy these sunflower seeds. When the Dill Pickle seeds are sold out, this is the go-to flavor. If both flavors are there, it is a necessity to get both. Old Bay is the toughest flavor to find, for that reason they could arguably be number one on the list. There is something about the flavor that keeps you going back for more. The balance for this recipe seems to be perfected. Other buyers seem to agree, this was given a 4.7-star review on the Bigs website. You can not go wrong with either of the top two selections.

3. Buffalo Wing Sunflower Seeds

Buffalo Wing Sunflower Seeds

Again, if you like to eat hot wings, you will enjoy this flavor. If you add hot sauce to different types of foods that you eat on a regular basis, then Bigs Buffalo Wing Sunflower Seeds is the flavor for you. They do not have a very strong kick to them but if you eat enough, it gets the job done. The reviews on the Bigs website do not do this flavor justice. With only a 3.5-star review, it gives the sense of an average flavor. Perhaps the people who tried them do not have a taste for spicy foods or think they could be spicier. The flavor can become more potent by eating more seeds.

4. Zesty Ranch

Zesty Ranch Sunflower Seeds

Following the theme of the previous flavors, if you like to add ranch to everything that you eat, I recommend that you try these seeds. Now David’s makes regular Ranch but those are not as prominent as Zesty Ranch. These are stronger and more flavoring compared to David’s. Zesty Ranch is rich, smooth, and creamy with a hint of spice. The reviews on the website rank this flavor at 5 stars. Even people who do not like the flavor of Ranch tend to like this flavor. This flavor should be recommended to all and not just Ranch Lovers. Besides, Ranch is one of the classic flavors and needs to be placed in the top 5.

5. Taco Bell Taco Supreme Sunflower Seeds

One of the newest flavors that Bigs released is the Taco Bell Taco Supreme Flavor. This is also referred to as the Liv Mas Flavor. It has a little kick to it and could be attractive to the people who think the Buffalo Wing is too hot. The seasoning has a hint of flavoring from all the ingredients in a taco. It perfectly resembles a taco from Taco Bell. With the love people have for Taco Bell, it makes sense that these seeds have a 5 star review.

Middle of the Pack Bigs Sunflower Seed Flavors

6. Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds

One of the newest flavors is based on one of the favorite and most popular snacks in America, Takis. These seeds have a 5-star review on The Bigs website. The flavor is said to remind people of the seasoning that is used for the Taki tortilla chip. The seasoning is loaded on each shell and often comes off on your hands like when eating Takis or Doritos. That is the only downfall when munching on these tasty seeds. They could be higher on the list but they are not as addicting as the other flavors.

7. Tapatio Chile Limon

Chile Limon is one of the flavors that are also tougher to find. Having this flavor leaves me with a similar feeling to the Takis Fuego flavor. That is because it is not overly addicting. The flavor is not too overwhelming but it can get stronger by adding more seeds into your mouth. The spice is stronger than the Buffalo Wing flavor but does not compare to the traditional flavor. It is more meant to be an alternative for the Buffalo Wing seeds. These seeds come in with a 4.3-star review on The Bigs website.

8. Sizzilin’ Bacon Sunflower Seeds

I know what you are thinking, everyone loves the taste of bacon. How could these not be number one? Let’s make this very clear, there is no substitute for bacon. The taste is similar but it does not make up for the warm and crispy sensation when eating bacon. The flavor had been changed a bit and it now is too greasy. The reviews reflect this as they have a 3-star review on the website. Had they kept the original recipe, they would be higher on the list.

9. Stubb’s Tangy Bar-B-Q Sunflower Seeds

The BBQ flavor is a little more than the traditional flavor of BBQ. It is much more rugged. The flavor is too sweet and strong for what people are looking for when buying BBQ sunflower seeds. The flavor could resemble Stubb’s sauce. Resembling the sauce too much could be the reason for my distaste. It also could be because I had high expectations coming in due to my experiences with their other flavors. If you are looking for a traditional BBQ flavor, this is not the sunflower seed for you.

10. Salted and Roasted Original Seeds

These seeds are too mainstream compared to the other flavors. Yes being classic sometimes is a good thing. Mixing these seeds in between flavors is about all I would recommend. The flavor is not very addicting, it is not bad, but its not great. It reminds me of ordering chicken fingers at a restaurant every time you visit. You do it because you’re scared to try something else. With a 3-star review, I would recommend choosing a different flavor.

Bigs Sunflower Seeds Flavors to Avoid

11. Cracked Pepper Sunflower Seed

In order for you to enjoy these seeds, you must love pepper with a passion. The flavoring is extremely over barring for someone who does not add pepper to their food. The flavor tends to linger too. Which, if you enjoy half a tablespoon of pepper in your mouth, is a good thing. On the other hand, it tends to be a bad thing for the majority of people who buy these. From my experiences, I have rarely noticed people with these seeds for good reason. The review on Big’s website is a 4.5 and I’m not sure why. These are possibly the last seed I would choose to buy when going to a baseball game.

12. Cheeseburger Flavored Seeds

When thinking of possible sunflower seed flavors, cheeseburger does not seem like a top choice. Everyone likes their cheeseburger with different toppings or no toppings at all. The flavor of this does not resemble the cheeseburger I like to enjoy. It has too much of the pickle flavor and the ingredients just were not on the money. The flavor was not awful, but it was not at all what they are going for. With a 4.3-star review, avoid this flavor until they redo the recipe.

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