Detroit Tigers fans: It’s a one-game series

It's fun to be a Tigers fan. (AP photo)

As I sit here in the top of the eighth at Comerica Park, the Yankees have just pushed the tenth run across the plate and, in no doubt, have tied this series at 2-2. Back to New York and the series is now a one-game contest.

I look around and realize how fun it is to be a Tiger fan. Of course, tonight will be a loss, but the fans are full of life. There are people with paw prints painted on their faces. There are people dressed in Tiger suits. There are people wearing big foam claws, and there are a few people walking around sprouting three-foot Tiger tails. How much fun!

I can’t imagine what Yankee fans can do besides wear a pinstripe suit or paint half your face white and black with pinstripes. I, of course, was hoping this game would end the series, but alas there will be a game five.

I love my job, and the perks are like no other. People I know always say “people would give anything to be you,” and maybe so. I think. I get to stand on the field during batting practice and sit in the press box. I get to go in the locker room and ask questions. I get to cover and report on my hometown team. I get to travel to Lakeland for four days in March.

But alas, there is a trade off. I do miss those goodnight kisses some nights from my five-year-old daughter. At least she is a Tiger fan (well, so far).

Go Tigers!

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