Expanding instant replay or ruining baseball? Selig’s war on America’s pastime


Bud Selig holds his hand to his ear to hear a question.
Hey, Bud Selig, listen to this: Don’t take instant replay too far or you’ll ruin the game of baseball.

If implemented, Major League Baseball will have instant replay on almost every play in baseball, excluding balls and strikes, including three coach’s challenges per game. Is this a good thing for the sport? Absolutely not! It’s one thing to expand instant replay to help umpires better the game of baseball and get the calls on the field right, which I have no problem with. But the idea of giving managers challenges, in my mind, affects the integrity of the game.

This is a major deal in the game of baseball, and, in some eyes, a big step into the 21st century. But, the real question is, is it right for a game that has been around for as long as baseball has? I don’t think it is. The idea of having umpires on the field to make those judgment calls is, and always has been, a part of the game, and giving a coach the right to challenge a call on the field, especially three times per game, is eliminating a major part of the game of baseball. We might as well just get rid of umpires altogether and have a computer system run the games!

Bud Selig, you are in the wrong here. As far as I’m concerned, you are putting way too much in the hands of technology, in a game where technology really has no place. I mean, this is a game that began in fields and yards across America, and while some replay is fine, this is taking it way too far. I get the argument of replay on home runs, fair and foul balls, and maybe even close plays on the base paths, but manager challenges is where I absolutely draw the line. You, Bud, are taking it way too far.

Call me a purist or whatever you want, but please, America and decision makers in the MLB, do not let this take effect. It is absolutely wrong for the game of baseball and severely hurts the integrity of the game.

This isn’t the NFL, and challenges have absolutely no place in this game, at any level, especially not in the majors. Bud Selig is tarnishing the game of baseball, probably just to make a few more bucks, and jeopardizing the integrity of the game of baseball. Yes, with expanded replay, they may be able to get a few more calls right each year, but is it really worth it? Please, I’m begging you Major League Baseball; please don’t take away the human element of the game!

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