Fantasy baseball impact: A fake trade, a real trade and signings, part two

Expect Hyun-Jin Ryu to be drafted high in your fantasy league, but don’t expect a high-draft result.  (Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

With so much offseason clamor going around about big-time trades, there is one trade that needs to happen: Justin Upton for Jurickson Profar. Does this trade not fill big holes for both teams?

Now, I know the Rangers are acting like a fantasy baseball nerd with Profar, and no matter what you offer, they are not going to budge. The fact remains the Rangers are built to win now. Upton has MVP potential right now. Rather than strapping the team with the burden of a long Josh Hamilton contract, why not shoot for the moon and get Upton? I know he was not the player many thought he would be last season, but he is only 23 years old, and from a fantasy baseball standpoint, can you imagine the potential of Upton in that lineup playing the majority of his games in Arlington? This is a trade that makes sense for both teams, but alas, I am afraid it shall always remain a fake trade.

Now, onto something more relevant.

Zack Greinke (signed with the Dodgers) — Ultimately, this was a major win for Greinke owners. Greinke, in my opinion, would have been disastrous down in Texas. Now, Greinke is going to a pitcher’s division with a team payroll that even puts the Yankees to shame. He will draft around the 12-17 range for pitchers, but I think he returns top-10 pitcher value.

Jason Bay (signed with Mariners) — in other news …

James Shields (traded to the Royals) — Shields maybe leaving Tropicana, but he is also leaving the A.L. East. More games against the Indians and the Twins and less against the Red Sox and Yankees (and the juggernaut that is the Blue Jays) is always a good thing. Shields seems pretty pumped to be the man in Kansas City. This looks to be a good fit.

Wade Davis (traded to the Royals) — Welcome back to from the fantasy baseball grave, Wade! I can only assume he will move into the starting rotation for the Royals and become a sneaky late-round grab for someone next season. I have always been a Davis fan, however, it’s time to see some results. He has no excuses.

Wil Myers (traded to the Rays) — Do the Rays ever make a bad trade? Though they gave up Shields, they got back one of the best hitting prospects in the game and have him under contract for six years, plus they got some other guys, too (we will get to that soon). I am assuming Myers is already gone in most keeper leagues, and he will go way too high in drafts next season. I like Myers as a prospect, but the price to get him next year maybe too steep. Unless, you know, he becomes Trout 2.0. Also be prepared to watch him sit the first third of the season in the minors. The Rays are notorious for watching service time.

Jake Odorizzi (traded to the Rays) — This guy is the kicker for the Rays. He could easily be up next season and they will not miss a beat from losing Shields. He has some minor mechanical issues that need to be fixed, but he could be a very nice back-of-the-rotation guy for the Rays by the end of the season (or as history has shown for the Rays, long relief next season). Either way, fantasy baseball owners should pay attention to this guy next season.

Mike Montgomery (traded to the Rays) — Wait? You thought we were done? Yeah, no … the Royals gave up a ton for Shields. Seriously, though, I wonder if the Rays were as happy as I would be if I could pull this trade off in a keeper league? At one time, Montgomery was one of the top pitching prospects in the minors. But after a few setbacks, many have forgotten about this guy. I don’t expect Montgomery to make an impact at all next season, but he should be monitored. I think we should see this guy in some form by 2014.

Hyun-Jin Ryu (signed with the Dodgers) — Ryu maybe the next great Asian sensation, but he will definitely be the next over-drafted, underperforming Asian in your next draft.

Michael Young (traded to the Phillies) — Can we just move this team now to Boca Raton or is it still too early? Though it’s sad to see Young leave Texas (he owns the team record book), it does assure quality playing time in Philadelphia. Young should be the everyday third baseman, and beyond any diminishing skills due to his age, he should see a bump in value from increased at-bats.

If you missed out , check out my part one take on other winter moves.

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