Greatest Baseball Movie FRANCHISE of All Time

Greatest Baseball Movie FRANCHISE of All Time

Baseball MoviesWith the All Star team coming up, I’m rather bored by the lineups as I live in fictional land and expect the best players to be playing for the all star team. So, I created my own, with help from TTFB writer Will Johansen, we worked on the BEST all star team of all time from a baseball movie.

You know what, lets do the BEST franchise of all time, that’s right, we even have a GM, statistician, and bat boy of this team. We have the 25 man roster, front office, coaching staff, and biggest fans!

Here’s the ground rules:

No REAL players.

The character cannot be based on a real player.

Has to be a movie, no series or TV shows.

Can’t use the same actor twice for the 25 man roster. (Sorry Kevin Costner (Billy Chapel is more valuable than Crash Davis) and Wesley Snipes (We’re going with Hayes here)).

25 Man Roster – Starting Lineups



Lead off – Willie Mays Hayes – Major League – CF – #00

  • Why: He runs like Hayes and hits like Mays.
  • Comparable Major League Player: Kenny Lofton – Uh, Duh.



Batting 2nd – Benny Rodriguez – The Sandlot – SS

  • Why: He outruns the beast and bats 1.000 in this movie. Seriously, he never got out.
  • Comparable Major League Player: Rickey Henderson – Even steals home.



Batting 3rd – Dottie Hinson – A League of Their Own – Catcher

  • Why: She’s the best hitting catcher you’ve ever seen.
  • Comparable Major League Player: Mike Piazza – Power hitting catcher, HOF quality.



Cleanup – Roy Hobbs – The Natural – RF

  • Why: Estimation stat line: .350/.447/.750, 44 home runs
  • Comparable Major League Player: Ted Williams – Character fits with that time frame.



Batting 5th – Pedro Cerrano – Major League – LF

  • Why: “Jesus, this guy hits it a ton.” – Lou Brown
  • Comparable Major League Player: Mark Reynolds – Strikes out a ton, but hits a ton.



Batting 6th – Jack Elliot – Mr. Baseball – 1B

  • Why: Power hitting lefty that will give up a record just to help the team.
  • Comparable Major League Player: Eric Thames – Also power lefty that went overseas to reinvent his career.



Batting 7th – Lou Collins – Little Big League – DH

  • Why: Because he will date your mom.
  • Comparable Major League Player: Joe Mauer – Leverages the lineup.



Batting 8th – Marla Hooch – A League of their Own – 2B

  • Why: “Marla Hooch … What a hitter!”
  • Comparable Major League Player: Pete Rose. Have you seen Pete lately?



Batting 9th – Roger Dorn – Major League – 3B

  • Why: His timely hitting and hot wife.
  • Comparable Major League Player: Scott Rolen.



Pennybaker or Mookie?


  • Catcher – Gus Sinski – For Love of the Game
    • Why: Because Billy Chapel won’t throw without him.
  • OF – Scotty Smalls – The Sandlot
    • Why: It’s Scotty Smalls!
  • OF/IF – Kelly Leak – Bad News Bears
    • Why: Bad to the bone, gives the team some flexibility.
  • OF – Rex Pennebaker – Mr. 3000
  • IF – Kofi Evans – Hardball
    • Why: He rallies the team together when times get tough.

Starting Rotation

Steve Nebraska – The Scout

  • Why: Pitched a No Hitter on 81 straight strikes and also hit two home runs. Even Shohei Ohtani can’t do that.



Billy Chapel – For Love of the Game

  • Why: He’s a Hall of Famer who retired after throwing a perfect game.




Kit Keller – A League of their Own

  • Why: Kit wins the world series with her arm and bat.




Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh – Bull Durham

  • Why: He’s wild, but he has what it takes to become a star.




Mel Clark – Angels in the Outfield

  • Why: Uh, because of the Angels. Duh.





RP – Ryan Dunne – Summer Catch

  • Why:  He gets the girl.

RP – Eddie Harris – Major League

  • Why: Hey Bartender!

RP – Chet Steadman – Rookie of the Year

  • Why: He can eat a Salisbury Steak and still pitch.

SU – Jim Bowers – Little Big League

  • Why: “On behalf of the entire Apache Nation, we accept this olive branch of peace.”

SU – Henry Rowengartner – Rookie of the Year

  • Why: You try being 12 and throwing over 100 MPH.

Closer – Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn – Major League

  • Why: Forget about the curve ball Ricky, give him the heater.

Coaching Staff

  • Manager – Jimmy Dugan – A League of their Own
  • Bench Coach – Lou Brown – Major League
  • Pitching Coach – George Knox – Angels in the Outfield
  • Bullpen Coach – Jake Taylor – Major League
  • Bat Boy – G Baby – Hardball
    • Don’t shed the tear … hold it back.
  • Statistician – Terrance Man – Field of Dreams
  • Team Mom – Annie Savoy – Bull Durham

Front Office

  • GM – Billionaire Mel – Benchwarmers
  • Assistant GM – Billy Heywood – Little Big League
  • Minor League Director – Connor O’Neill – Hardball
  • Grounds Crew – Ray Kinsella – Field of Dreams
  • Agent – Tiki Tobin – Hardball

Our Biggest Fans

  • Ferris Bueller – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Ben Wrightman and Lindsey Meeks – Fever Pitch

Feel free to utilize our starting lineup graphics below, just give credit back to us! We hope this was as fun for you as it was for us. We will update with the next baseball movie release! Be sure to let us know who we missed in the comments!

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