Hit The Deck: All-Star break edition! Baseball’s tweeps go fishing, eat Cheetos and cry during the Home Run Derby

While there was plenty of coverage around those who made the All-Star team and the game itself, here’s a peek inside how some of our favorite non-All-Star tweeps handled the time off.

A Mid-Summer Vacation:

Ballplayers’ mini-vacations rock! Or do they?


TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) Dirk Hayhurst here, reminding you to party responsibly this all star break. There is no point in being an all-star if you can’t remember it.


Peteypipes (Bryan Petersen) I’m like 4 hours into my all star break and bored outta my mind


GrillCheese49 (Jason Grilli) It is 5 O’clock somewhere!!!


LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) No need to worry. I tan nude RT @aplinckTX LoMo if u want sun, u should come 2 TX. 100 degrees all week…. Just watch out 4 the tan lines


TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) When asked if I would go to the ASG as an alt, I said no; I’d be to busy coating myself in Cheeto dust and fresh bottle caps in my basement


JustinDeFratus so hungry. but i have dedicated my first day of the all star break to the couch and i honestly cant see myself moving.


MarkLamm44 Mark Lamm Playing “Can Slam” with the boys tonight… All you need is two tall laundry bins, a frisbee, and a good time. #SundayFunday


GrillCheese49 (Jason Grilli) Never thought All Star break could feel this great! Already letting my mind and body chill for a few days.


dannyvalencia19  Miami….where the wild things are!


LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) Depends, does ur mom make chocalate chip pancakes? RT @22brob LoMo What r the chances of us having a sleepover during the all star break?


JGuthrie46 (Jeremy Guthrie) Morning ritual. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. http://t.co/pxWeeUi


  toriihunter48 On my way toDallas for my 4 days off. Going relax and let my body heal. I’malso going to lay out bucket naked in the sun. Lol…..

» [Three days later.] At my sons 7 on 7 football tournament at Texas A&M. It’s so hot it feels like the devil is sitting in my lap. They better win this thing!!!!


blawrie13 (Brett Lawrie) Played some amazing ping pong today against some good plAyer’s , very high intensity , loved it http://t.co/ipP9Twu

LoMoMarlins Logan Morrison Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy (Hey, what up girl?) Put my glasses on, I’m out the door – I’m gonna hit this city (Let’s go)

» I’m bout to heat this bi+€h up quicker than a junkies spoon!


Brad_Brach It’s way too early to be heading to the airport…brutal! I thought it was supposed to be a good thing to have an all star break!!


GrillCheese49 (Jason Grilli) Kicking the afternoon off right. 90 min massage. Treatment for the power of Cheese! 2nd half push!


Maholm28 (paul maholm) Off to the course. Only gonna be about 97 today. Hot and humid.


TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) http://yfrog.com/kjhl2zj flight delayed, need something to keep me b…. nevermind, I’m fine.


Decker6 (Cody Decker) They say “the early bird gets the worm”…… Okay, enjoy that…. I’m gonna sleep in and have an omelet.


Busch2142 (Matt Buschmann) Boom #goodassfood http://twitpic.com/5p64hi\


thad_weber What to do inToledo with 3 days off…?


LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) @Peteypipes this is what I’m talking about! I’ll have two. So we will both be rippin! http://t.co/QQVxHJl


Marlins Gone Fishing?

Isn’t this like eating your own?

 Peteypipes (Bryan Petersen) Here fishy fishy fishy, charrrrk

»Hmmmm I wonder what the captain is doing right now

MikeStanton27 Boats n Hose with @Peteypipes http://t.co/ZP1GBvE

Peteypipes (Bryan Petersen) Boats n hose with @MikeStanton27 part 2 http://twitpic.com/5oq6qu

LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) Is he wearing his Tarzan loin cloth again?!? RT @Peteypipes Here’s @MikeStanton27 trying to reel in a big one http://twitvid.com/VH4ED

Peteypipes (Bryan Petersen) Dude I just caught this and it’s really big http://twitpic.com/5oqha2

LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) If that condo stinks like fish when we get back….




Home Run Derby

If you thought all our tweeps would be into the HRD, think again. @LoMoMarlins gets the edge here over @JGuthrie46 – only because you can feel his pain.

 JGuthrie46 (Jeremy Guthrie) For the record: Me enjoying a #homerunderby is like a person on a diet having fun watching people crush food at Golden Corral.

» I’ll be tweeting live updates during the #bachelorette in case you are watching #homerunderby

» ANOTHER cancelled cocktail party by Ashley, ABC must love her for making this cheapest #bachelorette ever.


B__McCarthy (Brandon McCarthy) I wonder what that guy feels worse about- tearing the ball away from that girl, or his big stupid goatee.


 LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) View from LoMo Cam for the 2011 @MLB #HRDerby http://t.co/9FjCH8B

» 4 those who care, Im sitting alone in a bar watching the #HRDerby, crying & Tweeting. The waitress keeps asking “r u sure everythings ok?”

» Waitress asked what I do 4 work. Told her I played 4 the Marlins. Now SHE’s sitting at MY table crying & Tweeting. #FAIL



hyphen18 (Ryan Rowland-Smith) Cookin an Aussie barby Listening to Irish music In Colorado


ChrisPerez54 Who does everyone have for round 2? #HRDerby

Maholm28 (paul maholm) Relaxing by the pool. Boiling shrimp. Watching the HR derby. http://t.co/7HsKt03


One Hundred and Forty Characters (or less):

What can I say? One-liners are what Twitter is all about.  Winner: @TheGarfoose on Roger Clemens.


TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) When I see Cleveland sports team logos, I think of road salt, gray skys, brown water, rusty cars, and let downs. #hometeampride.


LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) Bathroom I just used was all out of TP. Used a Pledge Multi Surface wipe. Immediately regret that decision…

ChrisPerez54 Just deleted “Bossy” by #Kelis from my I-tunes, what was I thinking when I bought that one?

dannyvalencia19  @ChrisPerez54 I remember you were blasting Barbara Streisand and Celine dion back in 05 and singing to it on the way to work outs at 515am

JWieland108 (Joe Wieland) Oh how I have missed you!! http://yfrog.com/klmr1udj

» Thats my order every time! RT @SixPaws: @JWieland108 My cuz told me of that place. A 4×4 and animal fries.


MikeLeake44  Not many that will admit to it publicly RT @Jamieblog @ @MikeLeake44 You have friends?


TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) Well, I guess Clemen’s stat line will include another no decision…


PeterMoylan Heading to the ESPYs, fired up for the red carpet, drank to much water gotta pee already.

LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) I shall call him… Mini Me http://moby.to/4fn15b

» Full disclosure: Not my kid. Found him at a Coffee Bean. His name is Carlos…

» Does this thing have a handle?? http://moby.to/bwftz7


 ChrisPerez54  @dannyvalencia19 Who wants anything from you? What are you leaving? Broken Bats? What’s good my man? How was south Fl?


» dannyvalencia19  @ChrisPerez54 the only memorabilia i want these days is my Homerun ball off you!! watched you last night,very proud of you! Congrats again!



LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) Theyre like a cowboys belt buckle RT @andrewmulville @LoMoMarlins do you have large nipples or no?

RickyRo24 (Ricky Romero) Who’s got the better butt??? Lmao!!!! I think I got this one… What u think @OfficialRima ??? http://t.co/b1HTpCZ


JohnAxford PS – Isn’t every tweet a live tweet? #livetweetingconfusionallupinmyface


LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) Hell naw. I’d Tweet 911 RT @xochristinaxo LoMo Cubs/Pirates stared at an ailing umpire.. would u just stare when a umpire is down & in pain?

>> Scotch tape it back up & see if you can return it RT @AustinJankowiak opened some 2011 baseball cards. First card I see: Logan Morrison.


Even the ASB couldn’t stop our tweeps from ranting. Winner: Even though it was late, @Decker6 ripping on @KimKardashian reaction to Casey Anthony verdict.


nickgreen20 Mr TSA man, thank you for breaking my zipper on my backpack. I will fill out this claim form now in hopes of receiving an answer by Xmas.


LoMoMarlins (Logan Morrison) Blow it out your ass, Geek RT @jroop33 I’m swimming at the pool, unlike @lomomarlins and the drowning Marlins


ChrisPerez54 Is there a worse industry inAmerica than the airline industry? After you buy the tix, they own your soul.

 dannyvalencia19  @ChrisPerez54 step your game up and fly private, then you own them!!! #problemsolved


 TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) http://yfrog.com/khjnjouj our plane is smoking…but we’re still getting on. 

» The fog eminating from the floor of the plane that is obscuring your feet is “completely normal.”

» If this plane explodes, crashes, or a combination thereof; its been fun. I’ll see you in the great Garfoose grove in the sky.

» http://yfrog.com/kkw15nj I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous things in skymall mgazine, but this takes the cake…:)


Decker6 (Cody Decker) You know…… Heath Bell might be faster than me….. Thy can’t be good…


PeterMoylan  Returned to ATL to discover I’ve lost my keys!!! Don’t have a spare. Car will stay in long term a little longer. #idiot

jfitzgerald31 (Justin Fitzgerald) It’s raining in New Hampshire at the #AllStarGame I must be throwing… Brutal » I must be the rain man.. Or pissed someone off



HunterPence9  I’m watching a heavily colored military officer go through the Extreme Pat Down because his Medals set off the detector….#reallyhappening


Decker6 (Cody Decker) “@KimKardashian: WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!” —- What case did your father work on again?…..

 dannyvalencia19  My parents insist on driving below the speed limit for “precautionary reasons”. I find it absurd



TheGarfoose (Dirk Hayhurst) http://yfrog.com/ke5luyj am I in a checkout line or a toll booth lane?




DanielJennings2 Dear person in front of me on every plane I’ve been on, I’m 6’3″ please don’t recline your seat and crush my knees, thanks #ignorant

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