Hit The Deck! Player buzz to Pujols going (almost) Hollywood


Not surprisingly, Twitter blew up this morning after King Albert signed a monster deal with the so-called “Mystery Team” – also known as Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Fans in Cardinal Nation were optimistic when they went to bed last night after learning the Redbirds upped their bid and the newly crowned Miami Marlins were out of the Pujols Pool. Little did they know, they would lose their beloved first baseman to yet another team that has as many name changes as a Hollywood actress. Here’s early reaction from some of our favorite tweeps and a few new ones since Hit The Deck! took a little hiatus.

<a title=”markmulder20 Mark Mulder » Congrats to Albert and his family. When do riots start in Stl? Joking of course.


<a title=”VinnieP52 Vinnie Pestano » Wow #Angels are trying to do that thing. Lotta money just flew out of Anaheim. The #Hooters off Katella Ave just doubled their business

» With Pujols and Wilson out of the way it frees up the Angels to lock down the Rally Monkey to 10yrs/250,000,000 bananas, #crackmyselfup

<a title=”SonnyGray2 Sonny Gray » Oprah still makes more than Pujols! haha

<a title=”LoMoMarlins Logan Morrison » The real winner is the gov. In the Pujols signing. Cali is taking 25m and Feds are taking 80m. We might be getting out of the deficit sooner

<a title=”cstammen35 Craig Stammen » With new contract, Pujols will make $68,493 per day. The average 6-person household in California makes $63,125 a year @scottiegean monopoly

 <a title=”TheGarfoose Dirk Hayhurst » Also, the Rangers just got screwed. So you got that going for you, St. Louis, which is nice.

» Besides, St. Louis, think of all the money you’ll have to work with to find other great talent and reload for the coming year.

 <a title=”BarryEnright54Barry Enright » I wonder if Albert will buy/rent a helicopter like Kobe did to beat the LA traffic… Land it in CF…No Big deal… @MLB @MLBFanCave

<a title=”BDiesel24 Brock Huntzinger » Good for Pujols. Anyone thats mad/upset about it, worker harder and become the best of the best at whatever you do. Hardwork and results pay

<a title=”blummer27 Geoff Blum » Rprt says AP prayed b4 signing 10yr $250 mil w/ANGELS………might b God’s easiest prayer request ever.

<a title=”Palo50 Steve Palazzolo»  BREAKING: Pujols in the bidding to buy the #Dodgers

»  Can’t wait to see the #Angels playing small ball with Pujols. #Next30/30 Guy

» What are you doing in 2021? Oh probably playing for the Angels. #Pujols

<a title=”mrLeCure Sam LeCure » Albert is going to the angels? Removing myself and the reds from the equation, I don’t like it. But, not facing him is always nice


 <a title=”michael_schlact Michael Schlact » Now “The Big A” has multiple meanings. #Pujols

»”PUJOLLLLLLLY COWWWWWW!” – Haray Caray, about Albert Pujols<a title=”shawnkelley23 Shawn Kelley » wow! Thanks for coming to the west! Jerk!! Check my careeer numbers vs Albert! #excited

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