Houston Astros even have the worst fans, too

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Now that’s the Houston Astros “bandwagon.”

Because I am a ridiculously avid Texas Rangers fan, it is a rite of passage that I must hate Houston and the Houston Astros. It’s innate. It’s inexorable. It’s in my Red Shoes Rangers blood. And before you ask, the only thing I have against people from Houston is their address. That’s it.

Now that we have explained my dislike of the other baseball team in the Lone Star State, let’s discuss the fans. Why? There is no viable reason to discuss the Houston Astros season in 2013 — it sucked. It is a relatively easy task to review the team — they suck. Check the record. Hopefully, the Houston Astros fans would have more scruples than that. Yeah … not so much.

Take this wanton trollop who ostensibly treats children worse than “Mommie Dearest” after finding a wire hanger in the closet.

Sure, she is enjoying a Houston Astros game at a wonderful place called Minute Maid Park. Sure, she is hanging with the cocaine and boob-job crowd, as seen with her front row seats on the field. Sure, she is there with her attorney husband and best friends from the golf club who know about as much about baseball as Kim Kardashian knows about children’s videos. But enough observations, on with the show:

So, a foul ball (one of the dozens in that park) came her way, and a cute little girl got it. Whelp, the cougar from hell didn’t like that, so she did this … punch her ticket to the Hell Express because she didn’t want to stand in line with everyone.

But first memo to the Houston Astros: If you want to earn some great brownie points from your fans and the local media, find this haggard, aged shrew in your season ticket records … and revoke them immediately. If not, your management is just as douchey as she is.

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