In the Rockpile: Dante Bichette returns to Rockies as hitting coach

Dante Bichette was popular with fans during his playing days with the Rockies. (Rich Pilling/Getty Images)

In an effort to appease and fool fans, the Colorado Rockies trotted out another old face to help put lipstick on the proverbial pig. Joining the Rockies for the 2013 season will be old-school Blake Street Bomber Dante Bichette, who takes over the duties of hitting coach.

According to Denver Post’s Troy Renck, Weiss was able to convince Bichette to join him after he and Jason Giambi were the final two candidates for the position. Quoting from the Denver Post:

“When asked what Bichette might afford younger hitters, Weiss said: ‘For me, hitting at the major-league level is mostly about the mental approach. Dante always had a great level of awareness when he was in the batter’s box. That’s what this game dictates. That’s what you need to succeed.’”

Unfortunately, they need more than two former Rockies to make this team a winner, like say … a new pitching staff or an augmented one. That isn’t to be confused with the augmented rotation that is currently in-place. The Rockies need other pitchers, with lower ERAs and more mental fortitude to pitch at Coors Field, where everyone seems to hurl in fear of the altitude and thin air.

Bichette is a welcome addition to the team, but the Rockies need more than a cosmetic fix up. Bichette’s first priority should be making Carlos Gonzalez a power hitter on the road and then snapping Troy Tulowitzki out of his slumps.

If Bichette is going to collect a check from the Rockies again, he better do his best to make sure his lineup isn’t to blame.

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