In the Rockpile: Drew Pomeranz shines among minor league call-ups

Drew Pomeranz was effective in his major-league debut on Sunday. (AP/Jack Dempsey)

With the disappointing 2011 campaign drawing to a close, many of the Rockies minor leaguers have been getting some work in at the MLB level.

Seeing as how the season is more or less finished, plenty of call ups have been made to see what talent has major-league potential by testing them the best way possible, against major league pitchers and batters.

Pitchers called up over the last portion of the season have been: Jim Miller, Kevin Millwood, Drew Pomeranz, Josh Roenicke, J.C. Romero and Alex White.

Notably, Pomeranz and White came by way of the Ubaldo Jimenez trade to Cleveland. White has not pitched very well and has gotten himself in trouble with poor control and getting behind in counts. Pomeranz had a stellar rookie debut this past Sunday with a two-hit, five-inning shutout before being relieved by Jason Hammel.

The rookie’s command was accurate, and, despite his fastball topping out in the low 90s, he had a very solid outing that should give fans some hope that he will be a future star in the rotation.

The catching rotation has seen the addition of Jordan Pacheco and Willin Rosario following the injury to backup Jose Morales. Pacheco has been hitting over .300 and has combined with Rosario to hit two home runs in their less than 10 games at the major league level.

The infield has two more in the rotation with the additions of Thomas Field and Kevin Kouzmanoff. Field filled in for Troy Tulowitzki, as some of the starters have been taking days off since there is little need for them to start every game the rest of the way. Not much can be said for him yet, as he has only appeared in one game. Kouzmanoff has played at a level comparable to the rest of the non-stars of this team: average.

It is pretty hard to write anything of substance for a team that is done until next year. Hopefully, nobody picks them to do anything in 2012 after getting burned the last two years on playoff and even World Series predictions. After these two let down seasons, the Rockies can hopefully expel themselves from the pressure that has been put on them by the talking heads and fans. They need to be the overlooked underdogs once spring training ends, only to return triumphantly come October.

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