In the Rockpile: Fans get it right, Carlos Gonzalez an All-Star

Carlos Gonzalez is looking forward to the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game. (Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

While the Colorado Rockies season continues their agonizingly slow tailspin towards September, Carlos Gonzalez’s All-Star selection is one bright spot in a dismal season. The selection in itself was quite a push as fans don’t have a great track record of recognizing all the best players in the game during a given season. Gonzalez was leading the NL in batting at one point but was 13th in fan voting. This selection also confirms that not all the fans are homers, blind or brain dead, which shocks me.

The selection to the game was only the stepping stone as he was also selected by NL captain Matt Kemp to participate in the Home Run Derby. For me, personally, this is far more interesting and fun to watch than the All-Star game itself. The unfortunate part is that we all have to sit through Chris Berman’s greatest hits as he repeats the same tired call for every bomb. All I’m asking is that Gonzalez not go Dante Bichette and experience a first-round exit in Kansas City. It would be fitting given the kind of season the Rox have experienced.

Gonzalez is also getting the rep he truly deserves as one of the most dangerous batters in baseball. Granted, he is best at home (who isn’t?), but it will be interesting to see if he can truly compete in the derby outside of Coors Field, where he would be a heavy favorite. CarGo should have been selected to the game in 2010 – only Troy Tulowitzki made it for the Rockies – but was snubbed due to his lack of star power. This is just another reason why he most certainly should’ve been going this year, as he has finally began to get the run from the four letter network and the fans.

I’m proud the voters finally got it right and that Kemp gave him the respect he deserves as a power hitter by putting him in the derby. It’s the little things that may keep this season alive for me, personally, as the overall play isn’t anything to be excited about. Too bad Tulo won’t be joining him for the weekend or the team until August when the coroners report for the Rockies season will be in its final draft.

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