In the Rockpile: Moyer gets win, but what’s going on in Denver?


The scoreboard congratulates Colorado Rockies pitcher Jamie Moyer on becoming the oldest player in the major leagues to earn a win. (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Jamie Moyer pitched his way into the record books with the help of Dexter Fowler, Michael Cuddyer, and Todd Helton. The oldest pitcher to win a game went seven innings before departing with the Rockies up 5-2 with two men on base. I’m glad we got this out of the way because there is plenty of work to be done and focuses to shift, but congratulations to Moyer for proving that even a grandpa can still win a baseball game.

But what is happening at Coors Field? Seriously, someone tell me?

Who is playing shortstop? I thought there was a two-time Gold Glove winner playing that spot; maybe I’m mistaken. How many errors are the Rockies going to commit this season? They are well on pace to beat the inaugural season’s 168 errors.

This is bush-league baseball. The defense is bad, and the starting pitching hasn’t been anything to really write about positively.

The only bright spot in that 2-9 starting pitcher record was seeing Moyer get his MLB record as the oldest pitcher to get a win. Once again, congrats to the old man and his smoking-hot wife.

The Rockies season is beginning to really look listless. The team appears lost and unable to save themselves together. I mean, why does Fowler have more home runs than everyone except Ramon Hernandez? I’m not sure what is happening down at the ballpark, but it isn’t going to be pretty if the bullpen’s load of innings is getting blown up by bad starts and silent bats. If the pen collapses, the stands will empty as the losses mount. This town is built for a mediocre team, not a flat-out loser. Even the good weather won’t be able to bring over 3 million fans if the team has decided to have a run at San Diego for the chance to be in last place.

This team needs Jorge De La Rosa to return ASAP and land on his feet throwing heat and leading the way. If the Rockies can gain back their confidence and start gutting out some wins, they will shake themselves of this early season slumber. Hopefully, getting past the Moyer record and the errors will get this team back on track.

I’m well aware that they did win last night for Moyer. But this type of performance has to be sustained, not show up every three games.

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