In the Rockpile: Memo to the fans

Rockies fans seem more interested in helping opposing team players than they do in supporting the home team. (MLB.TV)

In the original Batman, Jack Nicholson’s Joker declared “this town needs an enema.” That statement may as well apply to Denver and its fans.

This is about my “bring to a boil” anger with Denver sports fans, specifically Rockies fans.

My issue is with the very apparent lack of home field advantage, especially this season. I am really beginning to blame the fans and their oh-so casual nature.

Monday night, the Atlanta Braves made their trip to Coors Field, and though the Rockies tried to create a comeback, they fell short after Troy Tulowtizki struck out to end the game 7-4.

During much of the game — which the Rockies were out of early on when it was 7-1 — the crowd was very disinterested. It is a sad, sad day when the home team’s fans are drowned out by the opposing team’s cheering.

The Blake Street “faithful” were outnumbered — at least vocally — by Braves Nation. But they may as well have not even shown up, being the non-factor that they generally are.

I attend plenty of games, and through my observation, have determined Rockies fans to be among the lamest fans … actually, I’ll just call them supporters because the majority do not know how to be fans.

Currently, Coors Field ranks 11th in MLB attendance, with an average of 35,600 per home game. That’s pretty good attendance for a team that is under .500 and has a losing record at home. Maybe it’s because most of those in attendance don’t pay enough attention to the on-field action to care about the record, or even know what it is.

Now, some of you reading may say “I go to games and cheer,” I’m not talking to you; I’m speaking to the people who show up in regular clothes, play on their phones the whole time and would rather stand up to do the wave than stand up for a strikeout to end an inning. Personally, I hate the wave, rally hats and brooms for a sweep. They all smack of distractions and childishness that detract from the game more than they add.

The wave is dead — or should be. Rally caps look dumb and make the wearer look even dumber. Did you really think turning your hat inside out and looking like a moron was going to help Tulo get a double? Don’t get me started on brooms. Why the hell would you want to carry around a broom downtown? I have friends that do these things; they know who they are and have been appropriately berated for doing so.

On a side note, if you’re going to do the wave, do it during the visiting team’s at-bat. It shows true ignorance on the fans part to do the wave while the home team is batting. Whose side are you on?

Unfortunately, Denver is a transplant city and has only had an MLB team since 1993. That shows why other teams’ fans can sometimes outnumber and out-cheer the home team fans. NL teams such as the Brewers, Phillies and Braves all have good representation at Coors Field and they show up in team colors, while most of the Rockies fan base at Coors Field come in shorts, polos and Birkenstocks, then hand off sunglasses to Prince Fielder so he can help beat on the home team.

None of these things would happen at Citizen’s Bank, Fenway or Yankee Stadium.

With the Rockies current pace, the fans are helping take the home-field advantage out of games, and the crowds will begin to dwindle with the end of the NFL lockout close. Invesco Field at Mile High isn’t far from Coors Field and is home to the only team that the folks of Colorado really seem to care about: the Denver Broncos.

Show some pride Denver!

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