In the Rockpile: Jamie Moyer story should come to an end, now

Are Jamie Moyer's days numbered with the Colorado Rockies? (Harry How/Getty Images)

I’m calling it. Throw in the towel because Jamie Moyer is done.

What was once a feel-good story so many weeks ago has now turned into a detriment to a Colorado Rockies team that cannot pitch its way out of a bag of Redman chew. The Rockies have problems and damn near all of them can be found in the starting rotation.

In my last post, I advocated for Jhoulys Chacin to be sent down to triple-A and for a trade or call-ups to happen. The call-ups have gone down as pitchers Christian Friedrich and Alex White have been brought up to try and create something positive on the mound. Chacin was optioned to triple-A after his last start, only to narrowly avoid it by saying he has an “inflamed shoulder” which earned him a spot on the DL. Also optioned to the Springs to make way for Jeremy Guthrie’s return was Drew Pomeranz, who has also failed to deliver going 0-2 in his five starts.

Moyer should now be targeted as part of the next round of purges. Send Moyer down or cut him.

He got his record-setting win, but at his current rate of one win every seven starts, he is only going to net the team about four to five wins on the season. I said it before and I’ll say it again: You are not going to contend for anything when your number-two pitcher is 49 years old and can barely touch the 80s on his fastball. It will not work, and there will not be a flood of old pitchers coming back to the big leagues to take their shot.

Sure, his story is inspirational, but the Rockies’ fourth place 13-18 record is not. “Inspirational” isn’t getting wins or preventing him from owning the most runs given up and hits allowed by the Rockies starters. Chacin appreciates Moyer for quickly occupying what were once his categories.

What is inspirational is Friedrich getting the call and delivering a win in his six inning debut; striking out seven and only allowing one earned run.

Hopefully a fresh arm like Friedrich’s can help propel the team to some wins because the Rockies aren’t winning with the starting rotation they began the season with. The Dodgers are running away with the division, and I don’t think any team – especially the Rockies – will be able to prevent them from owning the NL West lead the rest of the way, unless drastic changes are made immediately, and it should continue with the reassignment or release of Moyer.

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