In the Rockpile: Pitching woes plague Rockies’ ability to win

There has been a lot of head-scratching in Colorado thanks to the poor results turned in by Rockies starters. (Chris Humphreys/US Presswire)

I’m going to miss the NHL and NBA playoffs very soon with the rate of losses the Rockies continue to mount. Boasting the worst ERA in all of baseball, the Colorado baseball club is headed toward a record low in franchise history.

Granted, I can still look forward to the rest of the Euro Cup once the NBA Finals is over, but how low will the Rockies have sunk three weeks into the future? Currently, they sit 13 games back in the division. Their next set of opponents: Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals. They could easily be swept four series in a row, but I am more certain they will lose every series on the way out of June.

The lineup is being completely wasted by atrocious pitching. It speaks volumes when it comes to pointing fingers when the lineup is ranked top five or 10 in most batting categories, but pitching is dead last in every major category. Their record is 4-8 in June, and I don’t believe it will be a stretch to imagine them going 7-20 for the month.

The pitchers aren’t getting right, they’re getting worse. Jeremy Guthrie has said recently he wouldn’t be surprised if he was sent away. He knows his job is in jeopardy; his only saving grace right now is the fact there aren’t many options for replacing him. Pitching options have been exhausted until Jorge De La Rosa and/or Juan Nicasio return. Until then, the Rockies march to 100 losses is being led by Guthrie and Jeff Francis as the lineup struggles to prevent batters from beating the hell out of them day after day. Guthrie is the next man out once another pitcher is “ready” to join the rotation, be it Drew Pomeranz or one off the DL.

Troy Tulowitzki may as well just shut it down for the season after reinjuring his strained groin during his rehab stint in Colorado Springs. Things look very bleak for Colorado baseball, a sliver of a silver lining could only come through a pitching trade at this point.

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  1.  I hated the Hammel for Guthrie trade because it involved Matt Lindstrom who I was beginning to truly trust in the bullpen, so long as he wasn’t being used frequently. Yeah, the Ubaldo trade isn’t working out nearly as well as advertised with Pomeranz unable to get himself promoted as he has been struggling in triple-A since his last demotion. I hope they can improve when JDR returns, but that is only being further pushed back by this shit show of a season. I’m not one to point many fingers at the coaches, especially position coaches. Plenty have called for Apodaca to be fired, but there is no way every single pitcher can be this bad with Bob to blame. Guthrie was doing bad before he came here, Pomeranz was rushed out to the mound, White isn’t ready, Moyer … is old, and the only hope on the mound is Nicasio (injured) and Friedrich (lost two in a row now). The outlook is bleak and locally I’m really looking forward to the NFL preseason at this point.

  2. Obviously, I don’t follow the Rockies like you do, Cory. But I didn’t like the Guthrie for Hammel trade. The Rockies got a good package for Ubaldo, but so far Pomenanz has shown he’s not quite ready yet. And now Rogers has been reunited with Jimenez, where I’m sure he’ll excel with his old pal. Sure, there have been some injuries and the Rockies will improve when De La Rosa returns. But something just doesn’t seem right to me. Does Apodaca need to be replaced with some new blood? I’m just throwing stuff out there that bother me. What’s your read?

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